I am one of those oft whispered about and rarely verified Black Conservatives.

Not a Black Republican.  I got that out of my system, a long time ago.

Not only that, but I am a staunch Conservative, a unapologetic non-denominational Christian, a most serious Conservative, a veteran of the United States Army that isn’t too adverse to the idea of returning for additional duty in these post 9-11 days, and an ultra hard-core, to-the-death StraightEdger. On top of all THAT, I am GOTH. Yeah, I said it: Goth.

As a black Conservative, I refuse to identify or define myself by the color of my skin, and refuse to associate with others that do. I am not a Black man; I am a Man. I am not some kind of delusional dual-citizenship holder that calls himself an “African-American”; I am AMERICAN. And DON’T YOU FORGET IT. As an American, I do realize that, yes, racism is still alive and well in America, but I refuse handouts. I don’t believe in, and will not support the bill that holds the ridiculous name “affirmative action”, because it is anything BUT. Help should not be based on color or sex or anything like that. If you insist on government handouts, it should be based on income, and similar qualifiers that show your ability to provide for yourself. It shouldn’t be because you’re a woman, or that your ancestors came over on a slave ship over 2 centuries ago.

As a Conservative, I firmly believe in the convictions of myself and the United States Constitution, and I do not vote down party lines. Just because something originates in the Republican side of the aisle doesn’t make it automatically better than something that comes from the Democratic side of the aisle (even though, in my experience, Slave Party Democrats suck, and so do their Big Government “solutions”).  However, to date, I’ve been most approving of the Republican ideals and ideologies, than those of the Democratic Party, which has habitually and historically represented ideals and ideologies that I believe run contrary to my best interests, the best interests of my fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the United States armed forces, and the civilian citizens of this great nation, the United States of America.

As a StraightEdger, I am totally against the use of alcohol, narcotics and tobacco, and stand firmly against promiscuity. To me, they are all vice and weakness, and as such, considered intolerable. There is nothing I dislike like a weakling that refuses to accept that he has a weakness or a problem, or even views it as a strength or a virtue. While I discourage these practices in others, I am not militant about it, meaning I will not resort to violence or undue criticism of others that find themselves victims of their own addictions, and unable to help themselves.

As a Goth Christian, I accept people for what they are. While as a Christian I do not approve of homosexuality and I do not foster non-Christian theology, my identity as a Goth has, strangely enough, made me get closer to my faith. The instant I realized I was Goth, I realized the power and truth and meaning behind these words:

You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:18).

I am not perfect, and therefore I cannot expect others to be perfect. My life is my own, so I cannot expect or reasonably demand others to live up to my standards or expectations. Just as they do things that are considered Biblically wrong, so do I, and there are no degrees of sin. Just as they have done, and continue to do, wrong, so do I. All I can do is help where wanted, and work on my own shortcomings as a man of the Christian faith.

As a political being, I am open to debate and to having my ideas challenged, as I am capable of changing my mind if presented with sufficient evidence and proof, but I am not swayed by emotion, and hold emotional arguments in absolutely no regard, and with little more than contempt. Appeal to my logic and intellect; do not attempt to pull the frozen heartstrings of my emotions and sympathy. While I am capable of feeling and expressing compassion, they do not come out in debates over good and evil, right and wrong.


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