President Virus-X: the First 100 Days

trigger warning

So, what if the Electorate, instead of choosing NY leftist Orange Julius for president, had chosen a True Conservative for Chief Executive?  Like me, for example?  Let’s take a look at the first 100 days benchmark.

oprah fired

YOU’RE FIRED.  That’s right.  Mass terminations.  Every unconstitutional “czar” loses their job, with orders not to leave the District of Columbia.  Why?  Because I’m going to have my Department of Justice review EVERYTHING THEY’VE DONE in the event of any illegality.  If they’re broken any law that they can be punished and imprisoned for, that’s what I’m pushing for.  Time to send a big, clear message to the government ensconced New Left.  I’m also personally firing every single United States Attorney that has even craned their necks to so much as LOOK left.  If they’re not out by the C.O.B., deputy United States Marshals will assisting them in finding the door.  Needless to say, I’d be beating the bushes for Conservative attorneys to replace them, and can be trusted to do the right things in the best interests of the country.



I fully understand that some people in this country are living in a tough spot, like below the poverty line, and that, sometimes, you just need a hand.  I understand that some people, for whatever legitimate reason, just can’t do any better.  However, unfunded liabilities have to come to an end.  Period.

unfunded liability spending

unfunded liability spending2


I would hold a governors conference and tell them it’s time for them to do their jobs:  take care of their own citizens, in accordance to the Constitution.  All unfunded liability spending would be coming to a complete end.  Programs like Social Security would be put where, according to the Constitution, they belong:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” -Constitution of the United States of America; 10th Amendment

People that are above a certain age (as determined through meetings with economists, actuaries and other experts) would be allowed to “die out” of the program, but no new enrollees would be accepted.  It’s up to the People and the States to come up with alternatives.  Now, yes, communist states like NY, Hawaii and California would try sticking with government run retirement programs, and they’d probably be looking at insolvency, real quick.  So you think state governments wouldn’t do it?  Well, that’s what impeachment is for.  If your state government won’t do it’s job to help you where it should, then you start removing those people that won’t do what they said they would, and replace them with those that will.  Caveat emptor, though:  voting in tax and spend liberals will ruin your state, just like they ruined this country.

Also, all foreign aide, even to allies, comes to an end.  In it’s place will be Congressionally approved programs where they can get loans from banks.  Banks are in the business of giving out money on interest, not the United States Federal Government.  It’s high time Uncle Sugar stop irresponsibly handing out taxpayer monies for every pet project and flavor of the week.  Oh, and you know that also includes Premeditated Infanticide Planned Parenthood, right?  In all, we’re looking at a savings of trillions, annually, which can go towards legitimate ends, like PAYING OUR WAY OUT OF DEBT, ESPECIALLY TO OUR ENEMIES, LIKE THE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

uncle same broke

We’re spending ourselves into insolvency, and this has got to stop.  NOW.

WE HAD A BAD RUN.  All unconstitutional agencies – since Congress has refused to get rid of them – will be ended by me, by ending their funding.  One of the few constitutional things Barack Obama ever did was not give allocated funding to a bureau or department that was earmarked for them (and leftists like John Conyers had a conniption about it, too).  I would do the same.  The funds can’t be spent, elsewhere, but they’re not going to keep propping up these unconstitutional agencies, many of which are out to harm the American People.

You can get mad about this all you want, and think I give two shits about what you are mad about.  The Constitution prohibits them, and that’s what I’m going by.  If they means so much to you, have your state take them up (like they’ll be taking up unfunded liability programs), or fund them, yourselves, privately.  If it’s not a legitimate government function, then it goes.  That includes agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (, Department of Education (, the Social Security Administration (, etc.

With the shuttering of the leftist created Department of Education (founded by James Earl Carter, formerly #1 worst president evar, overtaken by Barry), that means college subsidies and grants and loans dry up, overnight.  Sorry, but the federal government isn’t in the money loaning business, constitutionally.  If that’s what you want, go to the people that do it for a living, legally:  the banks.  Schools, seeing the Big Education gravy train collide with a wall and stop, would have to quickly realize that they can’t charge the moon and stars for tuition, anymore, because Uncle Sam isn’t going to pay their ransom for college degrees.  Schools that realize this and catch on will lower their costs, and make school affordable again.  Those that don’t?:

States are free to regulate the banks in their jurisdictions, and schools can have a cooperative hand in it, too, to prevent predatory lending.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?  One of the hot button problems is illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigration Sign

Illegal immigration is a criminal act, and I don’t care why you did it.  You’re not American citizens, and neither are your spawn.

I would work with Congress on stiffening the laws against illegal immigration, criminalizing it into an E-CLASS FEDERAL FELONY.  The DOD’s (Department of Defense) NSA (National Security Agency) would turn it’s ears to the US in order to look for illegal aliens, working alongside the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  Every illegal alien located would be subject to full surveillance, ranging from electronic to physical, and a web will be constructed to determine all others that are illegal aliens connected to the subject, and all that knew that the individual subject was an illegal alien.  When the web is large enough, each and every single person involved will be subject to mass arrest and deportation.  This includes every single member of families of illegal aliens.  Relatives that were aware of the violation of law will be subject to prosecution under federal law, and face prison time and heavy fines.  Illegal aliens not wishing permanent deportation can comply with something like this I’ll work to get through Congress:

So, they’ll be legal residents, but can NEVER be citizens, because their criminality for selfish reasons will not be rewarded with something as precious as American citizenship. However, if the DHS catches you, first, you get no deal.

Once caught and deported, you can’t even get so much as a green card.

Ever again.

In lieu of a costly physical wall that would not actually solve much of the problem, due to not being feasible, for a variety of reasons…

…the military would be deployed to border areas.

Yep.  That’s right.  Regular United States Army and Reserve and Guard units – especially Military Police, and some Marine Corps law enforcement, would be patrolling the border, alongside a beefed up DHS Border Patrol.

Operation Vigilant Star

They would be doing what they do best:  law enforcement.  And they would take no crap, from anyone.  That goes double for the Mexican military

and criminal organizations.

The military would have higher jurisdiction, as they would erect Bases of Operations (BASEOPS) in various places, complete with detention facilities manned by Army and Marine Corps corrections personnel, and there would be court facilities on-site, along with military judges. Illegal alien detainees would be held and processed and receive immediate court hearings (along with felony charges and a criminal record).  From there, it’s mass, regular deportation, and the host countries would take them back, or risk conflict with the US in such forms as barring from (bank) loans, cessation of any sort of DOD, DOJ or DHS assistance, and even revocation of all visas of any visiting citizens, permanently.

GET THE US OUT OF THE UN.  Yes, at long last, I would choke off all funding for the United Nations, permanently.

un building collapse

It is unconstitutional for the US to pay taxpayer monies for the United Nations, and if it isn’t, why don’t you show me where in the Constitution that it isn’t?

This anti-American, anti-Israel/Jewish organization is not something the United States should be participating in, in the first place.  If nations want to deal with others, like ours, that’s why we (legitimately) pay billions of dollars to things like the US Department of State.

If a nation needs a go-between, they can find another nation with a similar agency.  The UN building needs to be put under a heavy, annual lease payment, and the occupants need to start paying the State of NY for their services (like police, fire, etc.), and the federal government for it’s own (like military protection).  No longer recognized, their ambassadors would no longer enjoy diplomatic immunity to prosecution in the US.  If they don’t like it, they can move to another safe nation, like France.

muslim riots in france

STOP THEFT UNDER THE GUISE OF TAXATION.  Work with Congress on a REAL tax reform, which is a return to the parameters intended by the Founders and the Framers:  no direct taxation.

“Article I, Section 8, Clause 1: The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”  -Constitution of the United States of America

This means overturning the XVI Amendment.

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” -Constitution of the United States of America

With the elimination of the spending of trillions in unfunded liabilities ( and other unconstitutional expenditures, returning to the intended, constitutional model will allow the US to have more than enough money to operate within it’s means.  This current model of confiscatory taxation is nothing but government theft, plain and simple.  It damages individuals, it destroys businesses, and it helps prevent other businesses from outside the country from coming in and taking root.


The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures. -17th Amendment, Constitution of the United States of America

The House of Representatives is supposed to be the direct representative of the People.


They are elected, directly, by We the People.

The President of the United States is supposed to be a representative of the Country.


That position is elected not by a popular vote, like a Representative, but by the Electoral College, staffed by Electors put in place by the People.

The SENATE is supposed to be a representative of the STATES, and as such, Senators are to be elected/appointed by each State’s own, individual Senate.

What we have now is just a populist system that has done the country no good.  It was a change in the Constitution that was intended as electioneering to help make sure a party was able to keep their members in power, with the popular vote.  Nothing more.  That means more Conservative states would appoint more Conservative senators, and leftist states would follow suit.  They wouldn’t be elected by mobs of leftists, out for political domination.


For the foreseeable future, if not indefinitely, NO MORE PRINTING MONEY.  Part of the problem behind America’s economic woes is the reduction of our currency value, thanks to presidents like Obama (and Thump wants to try it, too:  Besides eliminating unconstitutional spending, we need to rehab our currency, even if it means reducing some of what’s in circulation.  Look into the possibility of returning our money to a standard, be it gold, platinum, oil, whatever, or a combination thereof, but our money has to stand for something again.  Fiat money is worthless paper, and that’s what the Almighty Dollar is, right now.


The USD has got to be restored to it’s status as the world’s preferred currency, and the US economy has to be restored.  This is just one of many steps towards accomplishing that goal.

NO MO’ NATO.  Like it, or not, I’d eliminate our participation in NATO.  Too many countries are involved that can not contribute to the common defense pact, and thus are relying on hiding behind the US for protection.  I would negotiate individual defense pacts, with individual nations, and each would probably be different.  For instance, I would definitely want to remain in a pact with Poland, but their mutual defense pact would be different from that of England/UK.  And their’s would be different from one with France. And then there would be one with Israel.  Don’t like that I would enter one with Israel? Tough shit, haters.


And the Israel pact would include a combined arms CSG (, complete with Navy, Marine Corps and Army personnel, ready to storm the beaches in defense of Israel, being just a phone call away.  If there’s another Operation:  Cast Lead (, it’s going to be very different, once my ass is in the chair in the Oval Office.

We’re not entering a mutual defense pact with Turkey.  However, if forced to, it wouldn’t be anything as stringent as NATO, especially with that Satanic psycho Recep Tayyip Erdoğan running the show, over there.


So, no, I’m not proposing we become a bunch of isolationists, like Rand Paul suggests.  I’m just saying we renegotiate our standings with every nation, and not continue with this bullshit “one size fits all” military diplomacy.

GOOD PAY, FOR GOOD WORK:  With a lot of the unconstitutional spending eliminated, military budgets can be expanded.  Working with Congress, I’d be looking to create a new pay scale for the military.  In the forces, you’re offering to die for your country.

military sacrifice

They should be paid like they are potentially sacrificing their lives for America’s freedom.  An E-1 should be getting no less than $41.6k.

Don’t like it?

tough shit2

And I’ll also include things like getting rid of the ancient M4 and M16 from the regular arsenal, for something more modern.  Possibly even eliminate the 5.56mm round from service.  National defense is a legitimate cause for federal spending and social security and welfare are not, like it, or not.

D100_8575_img masada

Then, there’s the elimination of socialist, inefficient, inhuman “medical care” from the Veterans Administration.  It’s high time this card:


meant you can go into any hospital, clinic, dental office, whatever, and get full, free-of-charge treatment and any pharmaceuticals required, all compensated for – 100% – by the United States Government, via the Veterans Administration.  No more negligent homicide of our Veterans by uncaring civilians.  If the government can, in a timely fashion, demand money from citizens and businesses, they can pay their debts, just as fast.  Veterans can find doctors they like, and they can keep them (not echoing the false promises of the idiot brothers, Obama and Thump).

trump obama trumpcare

ACTUALLY DO YOUR DAMNED JOB.  Constantly, Congress and the “Supreme” Court are overstepping the bounds of their authority.  One example has resulted in millions of deaths, thanks to Congress stupidly considering the uninformed decision of the “Supreme” Court as some kind of default “law”.  As Chief Executive, I would work to prevent that from happening, by whatever constitutional means necessary.  I would not sign unconstitutional legislation.  I would block the “Supreme” Court from hearing cases they lack the enumerated jurisdiction to hear, and ignore all past and present decisions that are not law and enshrined in the United States Constitution, including such travesties as Roe vs Wade.  I would also push for impeachment of all sitting “Supreme” Court “justices” that have rendered any unconstitutional verdicts, as well as for the impeachment of all sitting members of Congress that have done the same, regardless of how long ago it happened.

After all this, I’m sure you get my drift.  The answer to the continuing stream of woes this country faces is not the Slave Party,


and it’s not the Rrepublican Party.


It’s Conservatism.


And as long as you settle for something less, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

I am VIRUS-X, REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on March 25, 2017.

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