Low Information Voter, or Just Stupid Voter?

trigger warning

People say a lot of things about Trump voters, especially when it comes to their level of intelligence.


Rush Limbaugh (another trumpanzee) termed the politically correct term “low information voter”.  This is in reference to voters that don’t know what they’re talking about, plain and simple.  They have little, or no, information on the person or proposal they’re voting on, and really couldn’t tell you anything of substance regarding the person or thing.

Me, not being into the PC-thing, like Limbaugh apparently is, I just call those voters stupid voters.


Because that’s precisely what they are.  We live in the Information Age, people.  With some discernment, you can surf the Internet and find intel on virtually anything, and in many cases, multiple sources with multiple – or correlating – viewpoints.  When you don’t know something, in today’s day and age, it’s because you’re just willfully ignorant.  Willful ignorance is stupidity.  Plain and simple.

So why am I talking about this?  Because of a trumpanzee I work with.

This man literally doesn’t know the difference between a republic and a democracy.  In all honesty, he probably believes that a democracy with democratic voting systems would be superior to a republican system.  He thinks popular vote should be the only vote, and that the Electoral College should never have been.  He didn’t even know what the Electoral College was for, or where it came from.

By the way:  that coworker of mine would never listen to this audio, because he’s just not able to comprehend anything that was said.  His eyes would glaze over, spittle would come out of the corner of his mouth, and he’s say:  “…footbaaalll…”

Anyhow, moving on:

He won’t read the The United States Constitution, nor any other book. He believes that the only reason you should read books is if you’re actively involved in politics by being either a sitting politician or bureaucrat.  When I bring up the Constitution, or books, he just says that I’m working with him, which means I’m no smarter than he is.  In fact, he flat out says reading books is stupid (so you can guess what kind of student he was).


  1. a stupid person.
    MEDICINE archaic
    a mentally handicapped person.

He couldn’t tell me how many people are in the senate. He doesn’t know the actual job of the members of the United States Congress.  He believes that it’s the job of the Representatives and Senators to support political party, over country.  He’s one of those geniuses that says:  “the worst republican is better than the best democrat”.

(Note:  I didn’t capitalize the “r”, because I have absolutely no respect for that political party, any more than I do the Slave Party.)

He believes that if you’re in Congress, with a 100% rating from an organization like Conservative Review



…you should be loyal to your political party, no matter what, and if you’re doing well for the country, but not for “your” candidate, you should be removed from office.  That’s the same stupidity that Thump says.


And never mind how Thump and his history of virtually never keeping his promises.



The trumpanzee coworker said it was a good thing that Cruz said he’d vote for Thump, but couldn’t care less that Thump violated his word to support anyone else.  To trumpanzees, it’s all about what they want and feel.  Kind’ve like little babies.


He has zero historical knowledge, and can’t comprehend how many past events are being repeated in the present time that could very negatively affect the country’s future.

Take, for instance, Thump saying:

And advocating:


Brief history lesson:

And now, hyperinflation:

Quite frankly, if you can’t understand this little video, you’re stupid, and yet, my trumpanzee would have trouble with it.  He also couldn’t understand why Thump saying he’d continue to print money like Obama…



…because ‘Trump do no wrong’.

It’s too difficult for a 40 mW brain…


to wrap it’s head around a little 60 W problem.


He doesn’t know the constitutional limits of power between the 3 branches of government, and couldn’t tell me what the Separation of Powers was. He even believes a president should have the power to punish members of the United States Congress for making statements critical of the Executive.  This is a guy that believes it’s right to silence protest through violence (though when you call him out on it, right after he approves of Thump protesters being brutally battered by his racist throngs, he’ll deny it), and that you should not be speaking against Thump, who advocates attacking several amendments in the Constitution.







But don’t worry; he will defend Article XXII.


He doesn’t understand the different responsibilities between United States Senate and US House of United States House of Representatives. Hell, he doesn’t even know his own State representative, or what political party he, she or it is in.

This is a trumpanzee that’s voting, and considers himself someone that knows what they’re talking about, even though every discussion devolves into what he feels and believes, and has absolutely no way to prove. He’s raising his son to be the same way.  Reading those books is for squares!  It interferes with what’s important:  FOOTBALL!


Reading is stupid!  It doesn’t do anything for you!  After all, look at him, right?

Clueless, uneducated guys like him are the backbone of Thump’s candidacy.

Know why?  Specifically because of how stupid they really are.

Yes, they really are that stupid.  This same guy told me he’d vote for the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan or Charles Manson, before he’d vote for Hillary.  So when you’re listening to these people extol the (non-existent, spurious and totally made up) virtues of Donald J. Thump, just remember what you’re dealing with.



Don’t be part of Thump’s favorite voting block:  the stupid.  Educate yourselves.  READ. Surf the Internet with some discernment as to sources.  Don’t be afraid of a source, just because it comes from someone ideologically opposed to yourself.  Even a broken clock can be right, once/day.  Our schools are turning out processed sausages that vote, just like the guy I’m talking about, and he’s raising his son to be one with multiple concussions. Don’t listen to this idiot:


Voting for suitable candidates isn’t about how you feel, or what you think.  Pay more attention to this guy:


Think before you act.  Think about what you’re doing, before you drag the rest of us into misery and suffering, because of what you “like”.

I am VIRUS-X, REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message.





~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 28, 2016.

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