Who is More the Fool? The Fool, or the Fool that Follows Him?

trigger warning

And now, a look at the pathetic Jerry Foolwell, Junior.


Am I just being too critical, or does Foolwell Junior look and sound like the OPPOSITE of what a major university president should look and sound like? He looks like the type of pathetic jackass that would hang around Thump’s creepy son, hitting women on the dance floor with his pelvis and dropping things in their drinks to “loosen them up”.


So, the long and short of this is that you need to check your Christian Values at the door, head to the polls and vote for a known and self-professed reprobate, Donald Trump.


Yep.  Seriously.

So, the justification of the trumpanzee in voting for Thump over Clinton is the fact that while he’s a self-professed, serial lying reprobate, he’s got an (R) behind his name, which means he’s automatically better.  They also say that while Hillary has some responsibility for getting the guys killed at Benghazi, Thump hasn’t gotten anyone killed.

Seriously?  Those are you standards?  And never-mind the fact that he said he’d have people’s families murdered due to guilt by association?!

“The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families,”


Which he promptly tried reversing/pretending he didn’t say, once he realized that his loyal army of fellow sociopaths wasn’t as powerful and widespread as he wanted to believe.


(Yes, this is the Huffington Post, but even a broken clock is right once/day.)

Then, Thump flopped, again.

Taking part in the Fox News GOP debate last night, the billionaire was asked about General Michael Hayden saying that the military would refuse to follow illegal orders such as the intentional killing of terrorists’ families.

Mr Trump said: “They won’t refuse, they’re not going to refuse me — believe me.”



So, yeah, Thump’s way better.

republican useful idiot

Funny how Foolwell, didn’t defend Herman Cain from such accusations of adultery.



With all of Foolwell Junior’s pseudo-Christian blah-blah, where was he, then?  Or does he only defend people like Thump?

Funnier still how Super Christian was content to stand by and laugh when Thump was making accusations against Ted Cruz, and still had nothing to say when Thump ADMITTED that it was all a big lie.


Foolwell has no credibility.


As a university president, as a “Christian”, nor as a MAN.

No, we know who Foolwell’s god really is.

saint trump2

Foolwell Junior’s brother – Jon – seems to agree that his brother is running on zero.

“As a pastor of a local church attended by people of different political parties and persuasions, I have made it my practice not to endorse political candidates,” Jonathan Falwell wrote. “I do not believe it is my responsibility to point people to a candidate but rather to point people to Jesus Christ as the ultimate and only hope for mankind and the problems we face as a nation.”

“I do, however, believe every follower of Christ should exercise their citizen right to vote,” Falwell continued. “In every election cycle, I strongly urge our church members and attenders to make sure they are registered, and then to make sure they vote for a person of character, moral leadership and who most closely aligns with their beliefs and values.”

“I recognize every pastor and Christian leader must do what they believe God has called them to do, and I understand that many choose to endorse candidates,” Falwell said. “I respect their right to do so, even if I don’t believe it is the best thing for me to do as a pastor of a local church.”

“Whether or not we agree on making endorsements or even agree on who would make the best next president, I think we can agree America is in need of Divine intervention, spiritual renewal and a return to righteousness if we are to solve the great challenges of our day,” Falwell argued.


Then, there is the response of the students and alumni of the university:

As Trump in the past has stated that he is pro-choice and has maintained a desire to ban Syrian refugees from entering the country, Inserra said Evangelicals need to look for presidential candidates that have a better track record “in terms of being compassionate for those who are in need and that see all people in the image of God.”

“I don’t think a populous nationalism should be the way of a Christian. I don’t think that Christians should love America less but people should love Jesus more,” Inserra contended. “I think Jerry Falwell Jr. is being blinded by might and a lust that all that Trump has to offer in terms of the power to make America great again. I think those things are clouding his Christian convictions.”

Inserra asserted the Falwell’s endorsement doesn’t speak for Liberty University graduates around the country.


“I believe that his father would be disappointed in that kind of soul selling for the sake of might,” Inserra argued. “His father dabbled in that from time to time but didn’t come to this level and it’s really unfortunate.”

Mandi Ancalle, a 2009 graduate of the Liberty University School of Law who is now the Family Research Council general counsel for government affairs, told CP that she is disappointed in the endorsement but understands that Falwell has the right to express a personal endorsement. (Ancalle was speaking for herself and not on behalf of FRC.)

Ancalle said there are a number of candidates that are stronger advocates for issues that conservative Evangelicals care about and said that Evangelicals should be concerned with Trump’s stance on abortion, marriage and end-of-life legislation.

Ancalle, who is currently listed as a Liberty adjunct professor but doesn’t currently teach any classes there, questioned Falwell’s judgement, considering Donald Trump admitted last July that he wasn’t sure he has ever asked God for forgiveness.

“The fact he said Donald Trump reflects the fruit of the spirit, I find that very concerning as a Christian. I wonder if that means Jerry Falwell Jr. lacks concern that Donald Trump has indicated that he is very prideful and has indicated that he doesn’t seek forgiveness in the Lord,” Ancalle said. “He’s indicated a number of things that should make any Christian, any believer question whether Donald Trump actually understands the Gospel. To have the fruits of the spirit, you have to be a believer. Just the statement makes me question whether Jerry Falwell Jr. is using his discernment.”

Jacob Clarke, a junior at Liberty University who is a copy editor at the Liberty Champion, told CP in a statement Tuesday afternoon that he is not at all shocked by Falwell’s choice.

“The endorsement is certainly not surprising after hearing President Falwell’s introduction of Trump when Trump spoke at Convocation,” Clark said. “It’s interesting that so many Evangelicals seem to be firmly against the idea of Trump being in the White House, and here we have someone with such a big platform in the Evangelical community endorsing him.”


Then, there is the open letter to Foolwell, and his minions, from the students:


Kimberly Ross has an article at RedState that says a lot, and almost everything:

Dear GOP: A Vote For Trump IS A FULL Endorsement Of Him

There’s an idea among the voting public that you can “hold your nose” while you vote for a candidate. This makes the action of choosing a certain candidate, however horrible they may be, seemingly tolerable. After all, you didn’t like that you chose them…as you went ahead and did it anyway.

Never has such an argument seemed so absurd as this year during an election cycle which narrowed our many choices down to two deplorables. God help us.

Whether you like it or not, voting for someone is a full endorsement of them. There is no other way around it. Choosing a candidate by way of voting means you are selecting them, their expertise (or not), their vision, their policies, their character (or lack thereof), and yes, even their temperament. Voting isn’t a half-hearted measure. It is a full approval of the person whose name you’ve selected. You can’t only kind of vote for someone. You’re either in, or you’re out.

This is why heartfelt, seemingly “brave” explanations from some members of the GOP amount to nothingness. Speaker Paul Ryan, under fire recently for “abandoning” Trump in order to focus on Congressional races, is still part of the problem.

Politico reports:

Speaker Paul Ryan told House Republicans on a conference call Monday morning that he’s done defending Donald Trump and will focus on maintaining his party’s increasingly imperiled House majority, according to sources on the call.

Ryan stopped short of formally rescinding his endorsement of Trump — but just short. His move carries immense risk, and Ryan faced blowback from all sides: Trump and his surrogates warned Republican leaders they would pay a price for breaking from the nominee; some rank-and-file Republicans warned the strategy was a mistake; and immediately after the call, Clinton tweeted to her nearly 10 million followers that “Ryan is still endorsing Trump.”


I can appreciate Speaker Ryan’s very public stance against the man who hijacked the Republican party, but only slightly. However, Ryan’s resolve amounts to nothing unless he rescinds his endorsement of Trump and also doesn’t vote for him. But I guess you’re supposed to vote for your party’s nominee when you’re the Speaker of the House. Party unity, and all that.

Others like Senator Ted Cruz can be thrown into this group, too. Cruz doesn’t really like to use the magic word “endorse”. He talks a lot about supporting the nominee, but isn’t fond of saying “I endorse Trump”. It might just be the bad taste of selling out that he gets in his mouth when uttering those words. At the RNC convention, he told the crowd “vote your conscience”, giving the impression that he wasn’t fully behind Republican nominee Trump. Oh, but he is. You see, he’s still voting, aka endorsing him, whether he uses that word or not.

It’s quite difficult to maintain that you’re distancing yourself from a candidate you clearly dislike when, come election day, you jump in to the voting booth to raise your hand and select them. But as we’ve seen this cycle, the pull of that (R) does powerful things to the sheep in the electorate. Unsurprisingly, endorsement-by-voting applies to Republicans who are so fed up with Trump that they choose Hillary. Well, congratulations. You’ve just fully endorsed her and the package that comes along with that.

So please, GOP. Those of you who don’t like Trump can halt the attempt to water down your upcoming vote for him on November 8. It is a full endorsement of him. You can hold your nose all you want and feign inner turmoil, but you’ve no way out of it. We can smell the stench from here.


And there you have it.  I’m sure you trumpanzees have long since tuned out (with all those multi-syllabic words, and all), but the fact remains that you’re voting for a self-professed, loud-and-proud reprobate, to run against another reprobate.  You can try saying that you have nothing to do with the tacit approval of things like the racism, bigotry, violence and other acts of evil your fellow trumpanzees commit, and you can try saying you don’t endorse Thump’s own acts of evil, including attacking peoples’ families, advocating for violence, constant lying, etc., but we know you all just want to try to lie, yourselves, and say your hands are clean.  Then, to show what hypocrites you are, you try saying that if you don’t vote for Thump (or Hillary), you’re guilty of everything from tax increases to the crucifixion of Christ.  No, even though you support a homosexuality and bisexuality loving NY liberal, you can’t have it both ways.  Everything that Thump does that you don’t take a stand against, you wear on your backs (or that stupid baseball cap, which, I believe, was made in China).

Foolwell Junior can repeat boilerplate and bumper sticker BS all he wants, but the only thing he’ll accomplish is further ruining his already worthless reputation. If he destroys his father’s school, I’m sure Thump will be proud. Same for that fake, Graham. Sometimes, watching science fiction requires something called “suspension of belief”, where you don’t quibble about the science, and just roll with it. Thump, apparently, requires suspension of salvation : a state of mind where you throw away all believe in the Salvation of Yeshua and trust the ramblings of an ungodly, self professed liar as your gospel.


I am Virus-X, Republic Commando, and I approve this message.






~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 16, 2016.

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