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Win, or lose, Thump’s going to be a cascading disaster. In retaliation, a lot of states will go DEEP BLUE, and Thump, himself, has already put states into play, thanks to his uneducated antics. Indiana, once thought to be under a Conservative governor, is quite probably about to go blue, all to repudiate Conservatism (which Orange Julius and his trumpanzees have nothing to do with) and the GOP (which is, for the most part, nothing but a bunch of invertebrate trumpanzees).

pence is a fake

If he wins, it’s almost guaranteed a lot of states will see leftist politicians gain traction against republicans (I put it with a lower case letter, because I have very little respect for them) and Conservatives. States that are traditionally blue (which is the majority of southern states, for a variety of reasons) will stay that way, for a long time, thanks to Thump and his violent, ignorant trumpanzees. If he loses, they will still gain traction, but not as much. It’ll only be a coat-tail effect of Hillary Clinton winning. Orange Julius is a disaster and a dirtbag, as are his share of the Great Unwashed.

rednecks for trump

He never meant to do well by this country, and his history proves this. He would never do well as a president.

trump democrats 911

Between him and Hillary, there is no real material difference, as they both support too many of the same policies:

Anyhow, let’s go to Trump Election HQ and look at the facts:

trump dumpster fire

Let’s examine the article “Yes, Trump is the Liberal Republican in the Race”, by Tim P. Carney.

1.) Trump’s voters are at the left end of the GOP

Poll after poll shows that Trump’s base is the moderates. The latest national poll, by Fox, shows that Trump actually loses to Ted Cruz among “very conservative” voters, and he loses to Marco Rubio among those voters if you combined first and second choices. Trump lost the “very conservative” vote in South Carolina according to exit polls, and he did three points better among moderates/liberals than among conservatives. In Iowa, Trump got 33 percent among moderates/liberals, and only 23 percent among conservatives. This is the general, though not universal, pattern.

While Thump touts himself as a “conservative” (, and even a “common sense conservative” (, anybody with two functioning brain tissues to rub together would know that Thump is neither Conservative (, nor possessing anything remotely resembling common sense (

Orange Julius is a “common sense Conservative”?!

Quite frankly, I’m not impressed with his mindless minions, the Trumpanzees, either.

trumpanzees can't debate

They claim to be “conservative”, too, but whenever you point out the abundance of leftist positions that Trump holds, including single payer:

“They can have their doctors, they can have their plans, they can have everything.”

Sound familiar?  It should.

And the rank hypocrisy and idiocy of Thump’s own version of ObamaCare is stunning.

But how do typical trumpanzees react?  They’ll attack you personally, say you’re lying (even if you produce the video and transcript) or that he’s changed his mind (which is possible, because, like Obama, Thump is a liar that makes promises with expiration dates).  When you point out that he’s not going to do a thing to stop abortion (, in spite of claiming to be a “…strong Christian…” ( falsely ( (, it doesn’t make a SCRATCH in the dense walls surrounding their little brains (which could be a congenital condition).

thick skull2

There is much more (, and more appears on a daily basis, but nothing dissuades these simians from believing that they’re Conservatives, and that their false god is one, too.

2.) Trump has said he supports subsidizing Planned Parenthood

He’s been confused on this point (as on many points), but he says the abortion-industry and abortion-lobby leader, which endorsed Hillary Clinton, is a great organization. Trump, on most occasions, says he would subsidize the organization. This means he favors big government in service of a Democratic organization that lobbies for abortion and against religious liberty. This is not a conservative position.

I brought up that point, earlier in my argument against Thump being Conservative.

And, yes, that’s still funny.  If you’re a trumpanzee and think either you, or Orange Julius are anything remotely resembling a Conservative, you deserve to be laughed at.

scooby laughing

Anyhow, Thump says Planned Parenthood (which is really premeditated murder) does “good work”.

There are a number of lies in this video, including ‘donations are not used for funding abortions’:

And, Planned Parenthood (Premeditated Murder) DOES NOT DO MAMMOGRAMS.

Quite frankly, anybody supporting an unconstitutionally government subsidized, private organization whose chief mission is the killing of unborn children is no Conservative. Period.  Unless you’re a trumpanzee.  Then, those are good works.

3.) Trump’s endorsers are liberals

The first congressman to endorse Trump was liberal corporate welfare millionaire from New York, Rep. Chris Collins, who ranks at No. 202 in the Club for Growth’s rankings. Chris Christie is the most liberal Republican to run for president in recent years — probably the only candidate to Trump’s left.

Hey, trumpanzees:  that means you, too.


If you’re endorsing someone that refuses to stop abortions, says he’s open to letting the US go into “…default…”, or ‘avoid’ it by PRINTING MONEY, like Obama (; has a love for socialist programs like government taking over peoples’ health care decisions against their will and the law; believes in expanding government; thinks the military should be rented out like mercs and forced to carry out war crimes, etc, you’re not a Conservative. You’re an idiot.


4.) Trump wants to crack down on free political speech

Like Clinton who hates the Citizens United decision because it allowed a nonprofit group to attack her during a campaign, and like campus radicals who campaign against free speech, Trump has promised to crack down on the media that writes “hit pieces” on him.

Like Clinton, it’s all about him.  This is sheerly meant to attack those that tell the truth about him.  Remember when Orange Julius lied about a reporter that told the truth about him, in his own words, and used every dirty trick he could to destroy him, only to wind up with crap on his orange face?

pepperidge farm remembers2

He won’t fight for religious liberty, but he will fight to unconstitutionally usurp power, in order to suppress free speech critical of his crappy positions and practices.

shocked face

5.) Donald Trump agrees with the liberal SCOTUS majority and The New York Times that eminent-domain for corporate gain is marvelous

Trump loves eminent domain for limousine parking lots and other corporate projects. This is legal in many states because of the liberal majority in the Kelo v. New London case. The New York Times’ editorial page in many cases has written against property rights and in favor of such seizures in the name of eminent domain.

I wonder if he’d like it, as much, if the federal government seized his land, paid him peanuts, and said they were putting up a parking lot for federal vehicles?

6.) Donald Trump loves the big-government ethanol mandate like all Democrats do

All Democratic presidential candidates for decades have supported mandates and subsidies for ethanol. The most conservative Republicans — Cruz and Rand Paul — opposed them. Trump was the most pro-ethanol of the major GOP candidates.

Remember when he told stupid Iowans that Ted Cruz would destroy them, by taking away their illegal, unconstitutional gravy train?

pepperidge farm remembers2

7.) Trump supports universal healthcare

He sometimes says he doesn’t, but he does. I guess he would get rid of the lines around the states, though.

I’ll just leave this, right here.

I am VIRUS-X, REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message.  If you don’t, tough crap.














~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on July 16, 2016.

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