Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

TRIGGER WARNING (for the sissies and stupid)!  This blog is rated


for language, and full mental nudity!

OK.  So more leftists have asked stupid questions, and, as the adult in the room – i.e.:  the CONSERVATIVE


– I guess it’s up to me to answer (since nobody else seems to be rushing to do it).

Anyhow, here you go:

liberal dumb questions

Question #1:  If liberals are “lazy moochers”, then tell me:  Why are 95% of the poorest counties Republican?

dnc head up ass

Maybe, that’s because the vast majority of those counties are run by LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, NOT Republicans. (As a side-note, it’s funny leftists try to redefine political Conservatism as people that are afraid to try new ideas, and stick to the old.  Looking at that picture, it’s not hard to tell who’s responsible for perpetuating the use of stale, recycled, bad ideas in this country.)

Anyhow, here are the 10 with the highest poverty rates, all of them in Red states:
4, 5, 6:  Sioux County, ND; Todd County, SD; Corson County, SD (Located on an Indian Reservation. INDIANS GENERALLY VOTE DEMOCRAT.)
10:  Humphreys County, MS (“SOLID DEMOCRATIC”,_Mississippi#Politics)
Well, that wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it?
Maybe the question should be: “Why are 95% of the poorest counties in supposedly Republican states DEMOCRAT?”
Question #2:  If liberals are “lazy moochers”, then tell me why are 8 out of 10 of the poorest states Republican?
OK, let’s take a look at those 10 poorest states you’re weeping (but not doing shit) for:
2. West Virginia: Tending more and more DEMOCRAT (
4. Alabama: Trying to dig itself out of a DEEP DEMOCRAT HOLE (
5. Kentucky: Look at those LONG STREAKS OF BLUE (
6. Tennessee: Some AWFULLY BIG BLUE BLOCKS, in there! (
9. South Carolina: Like another state, trying to dig out from under a DEMOCRAT HISTORY (
Rephrase the question to: “Why are the 10 poorest states HISTORICALLY DEMOCRAT?
Question #3:  If liberals are “lazy moochers”, then tell me why do Red States take more money from the federal government, than they pay?  A simplistic, deceptive and shallow question, meant to fool the stupid, the intellectually lazy that refuse to do their homework, and, instead, just copy off the paper of the lazy, leftist moocher closest to them.
One of the takeaways from that article:
When it comes to choosing a party’s candidate in the voting booth, one pattern in modern American politics is so familiar it has become a truism: the rich vote Republican, the poor vote Democratic. And while the reality of the situation is much more nuanced, in broad strokes it has been the case that Republicans have consistently garnered disproportionate levels of support from the financially well-off, while the least financially secure Americans have been significantly more likely to back Democrats.
That meant that those cities, counties and states you’re crying about vote for the very people that have made it’s their life’s mission to impoverish them.
5 (Of many) ways you liberals hurt the poor:
1) Overuse Of Welfare Programs: Americans are a generous people and most of us are fine with having a safety net that helps people who get down on their luck. The problem with liberals is that they do everything humanly possible to turn that safety net into a hammock. They oppose limiting the amount of time people can be on the programs along with drug testing and work requirements. Obviously, encouraging people to get comfortable on the dole is bad for the country, but it’s even worse for the people involved. It’s one thing to get in a tough spot, take assistance for a few months, and then get back on your feet. But, spending years or even decades on the dole? It’s a trap that will make you dependent on the government while utterly ruining you as a human being. There was a time when even the staunchest liberals agreed with this sentiment. Conservatives disagree with Franklin D. Roosevelt on a lot of things, but he was absolutely right when he said,
The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole our relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of a sound policy. It is in violation of the traditions of America. Work must be found for able-bodied but destitute workers.
2) Supporting Illegal Immigrants Instead Of American Workers: While there are certainly Republicans who’ve been paid off by the business lobby to support illegal immigration, Democrats almost across the board are in favor of allowing as many illegal immigrants as possible into the country. If illegals were primarily taking jobs as reporters, college professors, and lawyers, liberals would ferociously oppose illegal immigration. But, since they’re taking jobs that would otherwise go to poor Americans, liberals don’t care. There are millions of poor Americans who are out of work simply because they can’t work as cheaply as an illegal immigrant who doesn’t have health care, doesn’t pay car insurance, and who can lie on his taxes with impunity. Moreover, there are millions of other poor Americans who are making a few dollars less per hour because they’re in a field full of illegal aliens who can work for less per hour because they don’t have the same costs. Few policies would do more to put poor Americans back to work than getting rid of the foreigners who are breaking the law and cheating the system in order to steal their jobs away.
3) Fighting FOR Criminals, Not Victims: It’s a disgrace that there are Americans who can’t let their kids play in the yard out of fear of drug dealers on the corner, drive by shootings, and roaming gangs. Crime makes it harder to raise your kids, decreases property values, and stops people from moving freely around their neighborhoods. Rich and middle class Americans generally don’t have big problems with crime because they don’t have liberals “helping” them and so, they simply won’t tolerate it. So, it’s the poor Americans saddled with liberal “helpers” who suffer the most because of crime. Yet, liberals seem to spend all of their time worrying about THE CRIMINALS, not the people they’re robbing, raping, and murdering. Liberals are always fighting to get criminals out of jail, looking to change the laws to make it harder to convict people of crimes, and trying to play up conflicts between poor communities and the police. Meanwhile, the poor Americans being menaced by these criminals are living in fear and desperately searching for jobs because businesses don’t want to move into crime-ridden areas. It’s not the gang bangers, drug dealers, and cop killers who deserve sympathy from liberals; it’s the people they’re victimizing. If only liberals could understand that.
4) Fighting To Keep Poor Americans Out Of Good Schools: Liberals have fought hard to keep poor Americans in lousy, failing schools. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way. It was George W. Bush who greatly expanded access to charter schools via No Child Left Behind, a policy that has in practice mostly benefitted poor Americans. Furthermore, it’s conservatives who support school vouchers that would enable poor Americans to send their kids to many of the same elite, private schools rich Americans choose today. On the other hand, liberals want poor kids trapped in failing schools because giving them the option to flee would take money out of the pockets of their teachers’ union allies. Liberals also fight tooth and nail to kill testing standards and keep lousy teachers in schools. Nobody who places a high value on educating our kids would do that. That’s why If you’re a poor American with a kid stuck in a terrible school system, the biggest hindrance you have to getting your child a better education is the American Left.
5) Killing Job Opportunities For The Poor: Ronald Reagan was spot-on when he said, “The best social program is a productive job for anyone who’s willing to work.” Yet, liberals work incessantly to make it harder for poor Americans to find jobs. As the CBO confirmed, Barack Obama’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would cost 500,000 jobs. In D.C. big box stores like Wal-Mart were targeted with a new law that would force the companies to pay 50% above the minimum wage. As a result, Wal-Mart decided not to build six stores in an area which cost thousands of people much needed jobs. Because of Barack Obama’s liberal policies, there are actually a million less Americans working today than there were the day he took office even though our nation’s population has grown by almost six million people. Since the poor have less experience and fewer job skills, Obama’s job-killing policies are tougher on them than any other group of Americans. We need to do everything possible to make it easier and more likely that businesses will hire poor Americans, not set up even more policies that keep them from getting jobs.
cosby gee y'think
Liberal policies and attitudes vs Conservative policies and attitudes toward helping the poor are like North and South, they’re so different.
Allen West against welfare
give me money
While the left believes the best social programs are those that take money away from those that are productive and better off to give to the unproductive and less better off, in too many cases (though some people legitimately do need help), Ronald Reagan once said:
reagan social program
It was true, when he said it, it’s true, today, years after the greatest Conservative of the Modern Era has left us.  Sure, some people legitimately can’t work and hold a job for various reasons, but you can’t make your entire ‘solution’ based on those exceptions. Leftists like to talk compassion, but they aren’t compassionate, at all.  The DNC – the home of the liberal – had, as it’s BACKBONE, oppression and slavery.  Today, it’s changed very little.  After the GOP formed and TOOK the slaves away from them, now, afraid of getting their asses kicked, again, democrats promote slavery in a different form:  through the enslavement of the mind, instead of the body.
Liberals feed the people their scraps, in order to make them dependent on handouts, plain and simple.
I said it.
Don’t like it?
Look.  I’ll (try to) explain it, so even a liberal can understand.
1:  Social programs are unconstitutional.
Obama the constitutional scholar
Nobody (“nobody”, as in I) don’t care if you like that, or not, they’re illegal.  If you’re doggedly determined to have them, they have to be sponsored by something other than the federal government.  That leaves the States and the People.
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  -United States Constitution, 10th Amendment
2: This means private programs run by individuals or groups, or programs run by States should supplant this.  Churches can certainly help, and I’m sure they’d be willing.  States that like taxing corporations (which, legally, they can do) can use corporate taxes to help pay for these programs.  Define who is and isn’t eligible, to insure you’re not wasting your money on people that are planning to make a career out of welfare and handouts, and on illegal aliens, and you can have a successful, temporary leg-up to help those that are really down and out.  If your State is only paying for legal residents that meet their requirements, you’re going to save money.
Don’t you think it’s going to cost a lot less for a state like Michigan (with a population of approximately 9.9185M) to pay for a limited amount of people in that pool, than contribute to a pool of 322, 762, 018 PEOPLE, including ILLEGAL ALIENS?
seems legit
Know why?
Because it is legit.
3:  The federal government is not only violating the Constitution and costing the public trillions…
shocked face
…it’s breaking the law in denying the States and the People the opportunity to do better.
“The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” -United States Constitution, 10th Amendment
jmOneNationUnderSocialism 001
Obama the so-called “constitutional scholar”…
…isn’t following the Constitution, which goes back to how you liberals are too stupid to realize you’re voting for the very people that make it their life’s work to impoverish you, make you dependent on their handouts, and keep you on the cycle of voting for them, so you can keep getting your bags of crumbs and pennies.
And there’s your lesson on Economics, 101.
Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not a Republican, anymore, haven’t been one for years, and have no intention of every going back to being one.  I’m a Conservative, and part of the Conservative Party (, plain and simple.  I’m disagreeing with this anti-Republican meme, because it’s not true, and just a pack of flat-out lies.  Leftists tend to demonize, not to rationalize.  Because they don’t like Republicans and Conservatives, they spread lies about them, based on subjects that will elicit emotional response, and are crafted out of their own mindless emotionalism. There’s no rational thought process, at all; just pure hatred and other negative emotions. Conservatives will look at something, think about it, and break it down, rationally.  Now, there’s nothing saying we can’t dislike something, or ridicule it; we just make sure that there is a clear and rational explanation for what we’re saying and doing.
I am VIRUS-X:  REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message.

~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on May 7, 2016.

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