Trump’s Violence Problem

Ahead of a Trump rally, mobs appeared in Chicago and started rioting.

This mob was funded by the patron saint and financier of the New Left, Darth George Soros

darth soros

There is some evidence toward this claim:

However, the fault is not completely with Darth George Soros, because it’s quite apparent that Thump bears a lot of the blame, himself.

trump cruz on trump debt to soros

So Trump has peaceful rallies?  Let’s take a look at the latest peaceful rally:

OK, maybe that was just a one time thing.

There’s more, but I’m sure you get the point.  Among many other things, Trump has a violence problem.


Trump Violence Not a Minor Issue

Trump was asked about incidents at his rallies during the debate and he responded by disingenuously claiming that protesters initiated violence. The record shows this isn’t true. Moreover, even though moderator Jake Tapper about the things he said confronted him, Trump did not own up to the fact that he has directly encouraged attacks on the demonstrators with his comments about wanting to “punch” people “in the face” and be willing to pay the legal fees of those who take his advice.

The implications of a presidential candidate acting like a dictator that urges violence against dissidents and demands that his followers swear allegiance to him rather than to the flag, the Constitution or the nation have always been troubling, the issue got even more serious this week.

On Thursday, a Trump supporter was charged with assault for sucker punching a demonstrator (whom he later threatened to kill) at one of his candidate’s rallies in much the same manner that the frontrunner had urged his fans to do.

One can’t hold Trump or any candidate responsible for everything their supporters do or say. But when a presidential candidate eggs on his fans to attack their opponents in the way Trump has done, it’s no good pretending that he had nothing to do with it.

But while that incident might be brushed aside as being committed by someone that Trump doesn’t even know, the fact that his campaign manager roughed up a reporter is not so easily explained.

There is a lot to unravel in the tale of how Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed and hurt Breibart reporter Michelle Fields when she was trying to ask the candidate a question after his Tuesday night press conference. At one point, the Trump campaign explained the incident by saying that Lewandowski wasn’t aware that she worked for a Trump-friendly outlet rather than the mainstream press though that raised issues about whether the frontrunner’s campaign thinks its okay to rough up any journalist.

Fields has written her own account of what happened which has also been backed up by the Washington Post’s Ben Terris, who also provided an audio tape of the incident. But what has followed was an attempt by the Trump campaign to discredit the victim. On Thursday night, the candidate even said that, “perhaps she made the story up.”

Trump has gotten away with lying about the issues, his record and his opponents throughout the campaign so why would we expect him to start telling the truth now. Most voters not only don’t care about the rights or the safety of journalists, they actively dislike the press. So no one should expect a groundswell of public sentiment to force Trump to fire Lewandowski the way Ted Cruz dumped his communications director after he was caught misbehaving. The only thing that would impel Trump to do so would be a sense of decency that has been clearly lacking in his conduct throughout the campaign.

But as much as this is something that most voters won’t care about, it’s actually not a minor issue. The power of the presidency is immense, both in the capacity of a president to influence public opinion and behavior and in terms of the actual power they wield. If candidate Trump is willing to countenance violence against dissidents and even a non-hostile member of the press, what will he and his people do once they are ensconced in the West Wing and equipped of the awesome power of the presidency?

This is not an idle or a rhetorical question.

We’ve seen in the last seven years what it means to have a president that believes his opponents are enemies that can be hounded by governmental agencies such as the IRS or that the press can be spied on as was the case with Fox’s James Rosen and others.

Obama also thought of himself as a larger than life personality who could turn back the oceans and wade into difficult problems like the Middle East conflict thinking his magical personality could overcome history and reality. He, too, wanted his followers to pledge allegiance to him rather than the other way around as is fitting in a constitutional republic.

The problem with Trump isn’t just that his comments are often unpresidential or in bad taste though that is certainly true. It’s that he seems deeply uncomfortable with the conventions and the spirit of democracy. Trump doesn’t merely set the tone for violence against those who are not his acolytes. He openly encourages such thuggery. This is not merely bad form. It is a clear and present danger to the liberties of the nation.

We already know that the modern presidency is invested with too much power because of the growth of the size and scope of government. Obama has given us a glimpse of what a president with monarchical instincts can do to trash the checks and balances installed in the system by the Founders. In Trump, we have an individual who may go even further to get his way because he is untrammeled by even the form of Constitutionalism that sometimes slightly restrains Obama.

If Trump wants to start acting in a presidential manner he must do more than eschew personal insults. He must set a tone that shows his respect for law and for the right to dissent as well as the rights of the press. He must begin acting as if what he aspires to is, as Alexander Hamilton described the presidency in The Federalist Papers, “an elective magistrate,” not a hereditary monarch or a dictator with a cult of personality. Until then, worries about what a Trump presidency would mean for the nation’s liberties cannot be lightly dismissed.

If Donald Trump, the living incarnation of the Annoying Orange…

trump annoying orange1

…has historically been in such lock-step with Obama’s policies and viewpoints…

trump obama

…why should we believe being elected to the highest political office in the land would make him any different, in spite of his claims of being an untrustworthy chameleon that will change to fit situations, in order to personally profit?

Trump also claims to be a ‘strong Christian’, but his words

and deeds show him to be anything but.   In fact, he’s probably even less of one, than Obama. He’s impossible to trust.  He claims to be a Christian, but won’t denounce the White Supremacists that flock to him…

…until Cruz shames him into a half-assed one, and only on Twitter.

Who knows?  Maybe Trump isn’t a racist, but he’s certainly hungry for the votes of those that are.  He refused to ‘denounce’ them, until it looked like it could threaten his thirst for political power.  Again, doesn’t sound like a ‘strong Christian’, to me.

saint trump2

Combine his daily worsening rhetoric, with his seemingly daily deteriorating mental state, and throw in a dash of violent white supremacists, and you’ve got a recipe for a national disaster.

trump big mouth

Obama has been nothing but an instrument of national disunity.  He has been one of – if not the most – divisive presidents EVER, in American history.  All along, many (including myself) have been warning that his policies, illegal executive orders and rhetoric could push the country into ethnic, sectarian violence, and, to a degree, that has been coming true, with the litany of attacks on mostly-white police officers by mostly-black assailants.

And radically increased terrorist activity in ethnically motivated groups.

Obama has created a dangerous, dangerous fuse, but in 8 years, the powderkeg has not exploded.  Trump, on the other hand, seems determined to destroy us all in the blast, and it’s coming back to bite him in the ass, already.

While I in no way condone violence against this fat, pathetic, orange-faced excuse for half-a man, I don’t fee sorry for him, either.

That’s right, Trump.  One of those Black people you seem to hate so much is laughing at the fact that such a tough-guy seemed to have no instinct in a crisis situation (even one as minor as that), other than to hide behind others, just like you did when that drug lord you crap-talked threatened to kick your ass and kill you.

In any event, like I’ve been saying, Trump is the one that’s really looking to finish Obama’s handiwork, and add a lot of finishing touches of his own, including ruining the economy and destroying the all-important social compact                                                               (, which is part of the bedrock foundation of this country.  A vote for Trump is a vote to continue the damage and disintegration heaped upon this country by the worst president this country has ever had to endure, and it shows a twisted hope that Trump can be much, much worse.

trump change government

I am VIRUS-X, REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message.








~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on March 12, 2016.

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