Donald Thump on the Military

So, event though this isn’t new, let’s look at how much Donald Thump cares about the military:

I don’t know, what’s more incredible in that video.  The fact that Thump callously laughs off being caught in bomb explosions, or that he has friends.  Especially friends that have kids in the armed forces.  In any event, former Marine infantryman Thomas Gibbons-Neff responded to this bout of buffoonery from Thump with this:


There are a number of things wrong with Trump’s statement. It’s true that sometimes when vehicles hit buried explosives that fail to detonate or partially explode, there’s little more than a bump and a lot of smoke. But regardless of how well armored your vehicle is, IED detonations that don’t kill or mutilate the vehicles’ occupants can blow eardrums, cause traumatic brain injures or eject people.

Honestly, I don’t know if Thump is stupid, or just ignorant.  Either way, saying things like this makes me think he’s got some kind of un-diagnosed TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and that might also explain his (and his supporters’) probable Cluster B Personality Disorder.

trump big mouth

Even if T-Rump wasn’t being insulting (which would be hard to believe, considering what he is), he was still being IGNORANT, and ignorance is just as useless as stupidity.  While one is correctable, in the interim, neither knows what they’re talking about. One of the reasons I say Obama taught Thump everything he knows about governance is because of incidents like this:

Remember that?

offensive obamas

He’s BFFs with the same asshat that said he gets his military advice from watching TV.

Now, to the best of my knowledge, Obama’s never really made the statements that Tramp’s made about being a one man superPAC for the Troops and Veterans, but they’re both cut from the same cloth, while Obama’s slashing benefits for the military (, Thump’s stealing money from them ( and using them for props in his campaign.

Like a fellow Veteran once told me: ‘we Veterans may not be the most sophisticated or intelligent people in the world, but we know a bullshitter when we see one’.

Thump’s made his feelings about the military and Veterans clear, a long time ago ( and his trumpanzees have, too ( Only when he started testing the political waters did he suddenly become a Conservative and a troop booster. Only an idiot would not be able to see that. Thump and Obama know nothing about the military and Veterans, because they don’t care about either one of them.  Seriously.  Does Obama seem like he cares about the military, more than his golf swing?


What few perfunctory things they say about the military and Veterans that can be considered complimentary are empty, skin deep, petty mouthings, done for PR.

Nothing more.

Me, I’m out but consider myself still oath-bound. I study DAILY OPFOR technologies, psychology, tactics, strategies, deployments, etc. I study Blue Force deployments, alliances, weapons, technologies, etc. I practice with weapons, I continue martial arts studies and look for others to learn. I’ve gotten deep into CrossFit, to get into competitive physical shape. Now, while I’m not saying the CinC has to be “fit to fight”, he/she/*it (*considering the bad direction this country’s been going in, for almost a decade) should know our forces, as much as possible.

Or is that asking too much, in today’s day and age?

Every new agency that comes out, their duties, their operations, their tactics. Did anyone know that while the CIA’s Directorate of Operations has control over the little-known (but extremely important) National Clandestine Service, the military’s analog of the CIA – the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (whom I trust a lot more, than any civilian scum agency) has created (under Obama, surprisingly) the DEFENSE CLANDESTINE SERVICE?Did anyone know that (again, surprisingly under Obama) the United States Army Special Forces Command (the ONLY Special Forces) has launched the 1st Special Forces Command? HQed at Fort Bragg, while Obama’s shrinking the rest of the Army, mysteriously, he’s trying to grow the Special Operations community (or at least parts of it). This isn’t a company, or even a battalion, or even some new BCT; this is a DIVISION level unit with over FIFTEEN THOUSAND SPECIAL OPERATORS and other “special troops” (I don’t know if that means they have Special Troops Battalions) in a single new organization. Now ask yourself: how much does Obama really know about these guys, besides the fact that he thinks women can do the same job, just as well as guys?

Remember, this is the same guy that can’t be bothered to attend his own Daily Intelligence Brief, with his own DNI.

Does DONALD DICK strike you as being any sharper, or attentive?

trump annoying orange1

Thump only cares about Thump, and what people can do for Thump; even his marriages – and other relationships – show that. To him, the military are toy soldiers you move around to play games and get what you want from other people, by force.

Nevermind the fact that the US doesn’t need any Middle Eastern country’s oil…

…and that tapping our own resources would create a lot of jobs.  To both Thump and Obama, military personnel are people that joined, because they couldn’t get a better job, and the places like the USMA and USNA are meaningless; they’re probably shut them down, given the excuse and opportunity. What do military personnel need education for, anyway, right?

Thump’s condescending ignorance shows how much he really knows, and how much he cares to find out. If you want to know what a future for the military will be like under T-Rump, look back at almost 8 years of the Obama Regime. The Thump Regime will be just more of the same. An uncaring, unqualified amateur that has nothing but contempt for military personnel that they consider beneath them, sending them out to their deaths, without a care in the world for the consequences that they won’t have to suffer.  If you’re one of those trumpanzees, you need to go into a closet, and clear your head.


I am Virus-X, Republic Commando, and I approve this message.































~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on February 20, 2016.

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