Things That Make You Go: “Hmmm…”


So let me get this straight:

the thinker

Obama cuts $1,400,000,000.00 USD out of Veterans benefits,


homeless vet

not long after signing “sequestration” into law, slashing $500,000,000.00 USD in expenditures on the military, DURING WARTIME…

aircraft graveyard

wounded dying Soldier

…does nothing to rein in the depraved indifference of the SCUM running the VA Hospitals (which has killed more Americans, than al-Qaeda ever could),

dirty hospital

and ON TOP OF THAT, takes money meant for pay raises for American troops,


ADDS¬†that to the money he stole from Veterans, and puts that stack of cash on a silver platter for illegal aliens and fake-assed Syrian “refugees” (who are, most likely, Muslim terrorists) to have, once he secures them citizenship (or, at least, permanent residency),


so he can “…fundamentally change…” this country.

red and blue

But, because he’s half-Black,


I’m supposed to be OK with that, and vote Slave Party?




I am Virus-X, Republic Commando, and I approve this message, like it, or not.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on December 30, 2015.

One Response to “Things That Make You Go: “Hmmm…””

  1. […] they’re both cut from the same cloth, while Obama’s slashing benefits for the military (, Thump’s stealing money from them […]

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