So You Want a Revolution?

trigger warning

OK, I’m getting really tired of stupidity like this:

destroying the union

Uh, no.  Abraham Lincoln was faced with similar idiots, and this is what he said about it:

“I would save the Union. … If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it. … What I do about Slavery and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save this Union.”

Secession from the United States and destroying the Union just because you’re mad at Obama, the DNC and his helpmeets in the GOP is not only unconstitutional, but stupid.  Some of the idiots think Texas can do it.  No, they can’t.  Not unless they want to get a second helping of a whipped ass, from the United States Army.


In a 2006 letter, available here, Scalia argued that a the question was not in the realm of legal possibility because 1) the United States would not be party to a lawsuit on the issue 2) the “constitutional” basis of secession had been “resolved by the Civil War,” and 3) there is no right to secede, as the Pledge of Allegiance clearly illustrates through the line “one nation, indivisible.”

There are those geniuses that say that states have some non-existent “right” to secede from the Union.  Well, they should remember that they are using the same argument as leftist Democrats (redundant, I know) back around 1859, when they did it (and when they claimed they had the non-existent right to enslave people, based on the fact that they though they were better than they were).

The bottom line to that is that they want an armed conflict against the federal government, in order to secede from the Union, taking America’s land with it (because they, apparently, feel entitled to it), to form their new, idyllic country.

army recruiter meme civil war

So the debate/argument continued, from there:

destroying the union2

keboard warrior meme 1

So just so we’re all clear, here, I’m trying to debate a genius that thinks the militias are going to defeat the combined forces of the United States Department of Defense.

NCOs laugh at militias

On top of that, let’s look at other things, like the topic of ‘what are they going to use for money’?  I’m pretty sure that most countries won’t take what they got.  Claiming (falsely) to be a “conservative” country means the UN (and most affiliates) won’t have anything to do with them.  Sure, maybe they won’t want UN membership, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else is going to give up theirs.  Every nation that hated the US will see this as ‘the worst of the US, finally expelled into their own country’, and that means that country will become an INTERNATIONAL PARIAH.  Do you really think the majority-leftist nations of the UN (which are the majority nations of the world) will do business with the self-proclaimed “conservative” nation?  Seriously?


Yes, Michael.  Seriously.  This idiot really believes this will work.  Not even Canada would do business with them, because Canada is a leftist nation, and has shown that they don’t want that to change, in their last election of a total incompetent boob.

And, of course, let’s not forget the fact that this new confederate states knockoff will have no military.  Militias don’t count, when it comes to facing professional, large armies and navies.  Sure, many militia members are Veterans, but that doesn’t mean they can pull a Friedrich Wilhelm von Stuben, and train up a new Army, Navy and Air Force, but, hey; she probably really believes that will happen against the constant backdrop of perpetual warfare against UN “peacekeeper” forces, looking to make the “leftist” United States the dominant power.

That kind of idiocy deserves to be laughed at.

Look, instead of crying that you’re going to take your little ball (which really isn’t “yours”, to begin with) and go home, if you really want to change the country, do something constructive.  Instead of saying other stupid things like using the Convention of States to push for legalization of secession (which that idiot suggested), and instead of suggesting that the shiny, new idyllic state should be funded by frigging Bitcoin…

(Yeah, she really said that, too:


Maybe you can start getting on your State Legislature about participating in the Article 5 Convention of States and passing constitutional amendments, like putting some teeth in the prohibition against drawing public funds out of the US Treasury for things that are unconstitutional. Or maybe to repeal the 17th Amendment.  And while they’re at it, the 16th.  Hey, you could even suggest hard and fast, immediate term limits for both houses of Congress.  Etc.  There’s plenty you could do, besides make stupid suggestions, like treason, sedition, mutiny and insurrection against the federal government. In any event, I ended what became an argument with a clearly uneducated, inarticulate and uninformed person, and for one simple reason:

still retarded

Don’t like it?  Tough.  Not sorry.





~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on December 24, 2015.

One Response to “So You Want a Revolution?”

  1. Your same argument would be made by the redcoats two centuries ago, and we know how that went. The largest military super power of the day defeated by poor farmers. And look at America now, we’ve been at war with more poor farmers for over a decade now, and they cant even shoot worth a shit. The military only makes up less than one percent of the population, if a quarter of the population took up arms against them they would be destroyed.

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