Me and the GOP

So I saw this on the Northville Republicans Club Facebook page, today.

Me being me, I just couldn’t let that go unanswered:

You’re completely ignoring the Big Picture Problem. The Republican Party is not the answer to any problem. They’ve proven that beyond the shadow of a doubt. CONSERVATISM is the answer, and ordering people to fall in line – again – behind a non-Conservative is just a diktat that does nothing to promote this unity that you’re saying that you want. Following a non-Conservative is what we’ve BEEN doing, with the likes of Boehner, McConnell and the REST of the Republican “leadership”. How is saying “start pulling the oars in the same direction” so we can finally go over the waterfall helping matters? It’s what we’ve BEEN doing, and look what it’s gotten us: Obama’s latest imperial proclamation that he’s going to rewrite immigration law. How about you saying Republicans should “start pulling the oars in the same direction” to fight that? How about saying we should “start pulling the oars in the same direction” to get Conservatives elected? How about saying “start pulling the oars in the same direction” to end Obama’s destructive social engineering of our military? How about saying we need to “start pulling the oars in the same direction” to return to Constitutional taxation and government spending?

Until you get your priorities straight, your agenda is the very definition of insanity: doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a different result, each time.

Hours later, I got a response:

Northville Republicans Club I hear you. But let me politely point out two things: 1) the value of a 2nd place candidate is 0. In fact, it’s less than zero, because you end up with an officeholder (Obama) who is way worse than any alternative. 2) the value of legislation that does not pass is also 0. In fact, if legislation that does not pass provides votes that cause your candidate to be 2nd place, it’s worse than zero, because you end up with legislation that’s worse than anything passed before (Obamacare). So when you’re talking about the legislative branch, those facts should guide our activities, whether Republican or Conservative. (Although I think there is quite a bit more overlap than you do–that’s ok, there can be differences of opinion on that.)

Aaand I answered that, too:

1: Well, I beg to differ, because it seems the GOP has an affinity for “2nd place” candidates, seeing as to how it continually foists such politicians as Ford, Dole, McCain and Romney on the public, completely ignoring the call for Conservatism, if not outright eschewing Conservatives, and, in some cases, declaring them enemies of the GOP Establishment. These “2nd place” candidates seem to be all the GOP wants, and hence, we have Obama. Twice.

2: Speaking of the worthlessness of un-passed legislation, let’s look at one of the biggest bones of contention between the People and the GOP: your party’s lies. I couldn’t tell you how many of the “freshmen” Republicans campaigned on such things as the repeal of unconstitutional ObamaCare.

Now where are these bold souls?

Sitting in their offices, collecting paychecks. Not on the House Floor or the Well of the Senate trying to use reconciliation to undo the damage that reconciliation did, nor even saying that the law is null & void (because it is) and standing up to Obama and any challenge he might make. Why? Easy. Because they’re there for titles, paychecks and some measure of political power. Not to pass useful legislation that would help the People and further the United States. What useful legislation has the GOP passed in the last EIGHT YEARS that’s beneficial for the American People? Nothing. Instead, we get excuses like ‘the GOP only controls’ “one half of one third of the government.” The Legislature has done nothing in the past EIGHT YEARS, except the bidding of the Executive, such as invent Sequestration (a Republican device that they try blaming on Obama); funding higher and higher debt ceilings; funding Obama’s imperial directives to gerrymander the entire country (…/09/national-gerrymandering/) and do it, again, through illegal immigration; remaining absolutely silent on Obama’s agencies using unconstitutional rules and regulations as though they had force of law; remaining silent and acquiescing to the unconstitutional rulings of the Supreme Court, and so on. The GOP, which has the House and a significant part of the Senate still refuses to recognize that there is a Separation of Powers, and insists on doing what the Executive dictates, all the while lying that they’re going to get something done. Quite frankly, lining up like lemmings behind Joe Anybody that the GOP decides to make yet another “leader” is not the answer to any thing.

As for Republicans being “Conservative”, not so much (…/time-to-retire-the-word…/). Conservatives in the GOP are few and far between, and GOP “leaders”, like Boehner and McConnell, have made it abundantly clear that they – and Conservatism – ARE NOT WELCOME in their GOP. In some of the states, it’s a little better, but overall, as a whole, no, not really.

Their response:

You’re entitled to your opinion. There is a difference between “running on repealing Obamacare” and actually repealing Obamacare while Obama is in office. The system of checks and balances does not allow the creation of legislation without either a) the President’s signature, or b) a veto-proof majority. Republicans have neither, and the House Freedom Caucus has nothing close to that. They can’t “pass useful legislation” without a Presidential signature, but you already knew that. And when there is legislation that continues ad infinitum without congressional action, that’s what you get, unless you pass legislation (not talk about passing legislation, not passing bills that don’t become law, actually passing legislation). And I’m pretty sure that most conservatives (as you call them) or Republicans would agree that we’re not the party of making crap up when the law doesn’t suit us. We don’t get to disobey the “unconstitutional rulings of the Supreme Court” (sic). That’s what the other party does. If we don’t like the law, we should change the law, not pretend it isn’t there, even if that’s what the guy in the Oval Office does. Perhaps you disagree, and that’s your right. But unless a heaping dose of MORE laws you hate is what you really want, I think the suggestion to get our group together is probably good advice.

And me:

In regards to ObamaCare, it is unconstitutional. There is no enumerated power permitting the Executive, Legislature or the Judiciary to have any powers on the exercise of health care. Congress (though minus the GOP) pretended this was a legitimate use of their abilities, when it clearly was not. Now that the GOP has fooled many people into voting them into a House majority (since they are not living up to a single promise), they have made no effort to make it clear that the law was unconstitutional (unless you can show me somewhere in that document something legitimizing that; I certainly have not found it), and condemning the Supreme Court for overstepping it’s bounds in issuing the ruling (which was also unconstitutional, considering the Supreme Court is not given the enumerated power to hear such a case as government mandated health care). There is no “law” to pretend isn’t there, because it actually isn’t there. That’s just one example. I’ve already stated that they have done nothing – not even made any effort – to stop the debt ceiling from getting higher, to curtail the massive spending, or to protect the military that they shamefully expect to protect them. Now, with the GOP looking to replace one leftist Republican with another, they look to continue the cycle of managing the decline, and trying to blame others for it. Rallying behind the Manager of the Decline is not patriotism.

The GOP can put up all the pictures of Reagan that they want, but that does nothing to change the fact that the GOP is not the party of Reagan, but the party of ROVE.

Conforming and just doing what we’re told is not the answer to this mess the country is in.  In fact, doing just that has helped dig the hole deeper.  If Conservatives don’t start taking the reins of the Republican Party and forcing it down the right path – the path of being public servants for their constituents and stewards of this country – we’re done.  It’s time the GOP stop mindlessly kowtowing to it’s leadership, which Ted Cruz rightfully calls the most effective democrats he’s ever met…

“I will give President Obama and the Senate Democrats credit. They believe in principles of big government. They believe in this relentless assault on our constitutional rights, and they are willing to crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to fight for those principles. Unfortunately, leadership on my side of the aisle does not demonstrate the same commitment to principles.”

Too bad more Republicans aren’t like him.  Instead, they attack him, and blame him for things like the government shutting down, when he lives up to his promises.  Like I said, lining up behind another GOP surrender monkey will only make things worse.  It will only be when the GOP learns how to fight, again, will they have any value, and get anything of value done.

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~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 22, 2015.

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