Benghazi Revisited and the Lies of the New Left

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Seriously, I really couldn’t care less what Bo-Bo Brazil ( has to say, about anything. She wants to talk about partisans?  She complains about military expenditures (as if she gives a calcified damn about the military, or anyone in it) during investigations, and yet she has no problem referring to military personnel as a pack of liars, anyway (, remember?  She says ‘why didn’t they interview Panetta or Gates’, if they wanted answers?

Well, for one, Gates wasn’t SecDef, September 11, 2012.

For two, this was an attack on an embassy (uh, “consulate“), so why shouldn’t they want answers directly from the State Department?  Why isn’t Bo Bo Brazil ( complaining about the fact that Hillary really didn’t seem very eager to answer any of those questions, and, for the most part, didn’t?

Why, if she’s complaining about politicization, is she not complaining about the fact that her party – the Slave Party – was perpetuating a lie about the GOP being at fault, for cutting the State Department budget…

which was later debunked?

Why isn’t Bo Bo Brazil ( saying that the left wing hacks she’s defending should’ve have done a better job in looking for witnesses, such as the Special Operations contractors…


Why wasn’t Bo Bo Brazil ( whining about the Benghazi witnesses that Hillary Clinton was HIDING?

Why isn’t Bo Bo Brazil ( commenting about the fact that the appearance of a DELTA FORCE OPERATOR on site, fighting to the death and earning the Navy Cross (he was a Marine that wised up and joined the Army CAG-D), directly contradicts Obama’s (and Clinton’s) statements that there was no help available?  Hell, why is Bo Bo Brazil ( talking about not knowing was assets were available, when we know that a CIF (Commanders in Extremis Force) was removed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department,

and that there was a CIA asset of SOF military contractors WITHIN RUNNING DISTANCE of the compound

(and the Delta Force Operator ran, as well)?  Why is she not talking about the fact that Air Farce assets were standing by (probably on HOT standby), but never given clearance to move in and effect a rescue?

Why is Bo Bo Brazil ( not talking about the fact that witnesses testified that THERE WAS A STAND-DOWN ORDER, in direct contradiction to statements by both Obama and Hillary, and their spokesidiots (like Lying Rice, who was rewarded with a promotion for lying, by Obama)?

Why was Bo Bo Brazil ( not bringing up the fact that the embassy was, in reality, nothing more than an unsecure…

…compound, which was right down the street from known terrorists?!

And why was Bo Bo Brazil ( not talking about the fact that Obama (or somebody) was watching the men die in real-time,

and made NO EFFORT to assist the men on the ground?


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 11, 2015.

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