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Along with his brother John Boehner (who had the decency, finally, to announce he’s stepping down), Mitch McConnell has been a literal pioneer into finding new and terrible ways to permanently hurt the Republican Party.  In fact, McConnell (and, again, his brother the Crying Man), seemingly, has made deliberate efforts to hurt the GOP through a campaign of back-room, wheeling-dealing with the domestic enemies of America from New Left (also known as the Democratic Liberal Socialist Party of America), to clearly sabotaging the efforts of the few Conservatives that exist in the United States Senate, in favor of pushing Obama’s anti-American agenda of “Fundamental Transformation” (which is talked about, in another article).  Seemingly, McConnell, who also likes to have a good cry, himself, every now and then…

…served no other logical purpose in the United States Senate, than as a roadblock to progress, giving the other side of the aisle a reach-around, every chance he could, at the expense of the American citizen, and, recently, at the expense of the safety of Israeli citizens, and many billions of other people around the world, thanks to his part in unconstitutionally giving away the Senate’s power to ratify treaties.  His voting record shows that he’s anything other than a statesman, and is nothing more than a leftist in disguise.  He voted against the USA Freedom Act of 2014, which would’ve been further legislation prohibiting unwarranted domestic spying against innocent American citizens (


Because, quite clearly, he’s perfectly fine with Emperor Obama usurping the protections of our Constitutional Republic and turning America into an autocratic Empire, where nobody has rights (outside the elite few chosen by our Dear Leader).

OBAMA PEN AND PHONE townhall cover -

He voted for a line of “continuing resolutions” to fund the out of control government (, instead of taking a stand, and telling Boehner, the House of Representatives and his own Senate, to stand strong, and stop funding unconstitutional programs (like unfunded liabilities, for one) that Obama is using to run America into the ground.

He voted against S2569, the Bring Jobs Home Act (, which would’ve stopped giving tax credits to companies that outsource to other countries the work that could’ve been done, domestically, with American labor.  He was a key vote against S Amdt 3584, the Transportation Empowerment Act (, which had some flaws, but could’ve, potentially, helped Americans a great deal.  He had no problem extending America’s debt limits ( to drive us further into insolvency, and, let us not forget that he did not seem like such a road block when people like Chuck HagelKay Hagan, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were trying to get on the taxpayer dole, and contribute their efforts to damaging the country.  He took a stand against not one of these Obama appointees, and so he bears some responsibility for the damages they caused, as well.

So, now, we are, where we are, and Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana has made the following statement:

(The Hill) – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) is calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to follow the example of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and step down.

“Here’s what I say in response to Speaker Boehner stepping down: Mitch McConnell, it is now your turn,” Jindal, who is running for president, said on Friday at the Values Voter Summit, an event for social conservatives.

“If Sen. McConnell is not willing to fight for our conservative principles, he needs to follow John Boehner’s example,” Jindal said.

It’s about time.  Like him, or not, instead of talking about how other people look, he’s calling them out on their behavior.  He did with Planned Parenthood,

he did it when he supported DEMOCRAT Kim Davis for standing up for her 1st Amendment Right to the “…free exercise…” of her religion…

  he did it with Trump…

and now he’s doing it with Mitch McConnell.

We need to make a full-court press to get rid of this jackass, too, just as we started the uproar against his little buddy, Johnny.

Shut up, rummy.  Go back to Ohio and tell ’em what a great job you did.

Anyhow, we’ve got an opening.  Our foot is in the door.  These members of the GOP have done just as much damage to our country as anyone from the DNC ever has, and now is our chance to start taking back our country by reigning in an out of control political party that’s just brought on board a passel of new politicians in the last election that made a point of breaking their promises, the second they took their oaths of office.  As the saying goes, we have to strike, while the iron’s hot, and we don’t know that the iron’s getting any hotter, than it is, now.  Get active in politics, start haranguing your representatives and senators, and become part of the grass roots actions to keep them under control, and limit their frequently abused – and occasionally totally manufactured – powers.  Get on your state politicians’ backs, and get them to move on the Article 5 Convention (  This country is teetering on the brink, and the GOP isn’t helping that.  It’s time for us to use our own hands, and push this country back upright, and in balance with our Constitution.

I am Virus-X:  REPUBLIC COMMANDO, and I approve this message (in part, because it pisses certain people off).


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on September 26, 2015.

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