Christians vs the Lions

And another vapid left-wing meme is making it’s way through social media.

Let’s break this stupidity down.

Technically, Pagans defined and created marriage, not the Christian god, not the bible, and not Christians.

Technically, you can choose which side of my ass to kiss.  For one, “pagans” aren’t a monolithic group.  I attended a pagan Convocation, in Troy, Michigan, years ago, and learned a lot.  There isn’t ‘the Pagan Bible’, because they can’t agree on anything, so books come out with titles like “A Pagan Bible”.  (Funny, how they have to use the word “Bible”.)  For two, the imbecile that wrote this is assuming that, just because they put it on Facebook, we’re all going to bow down and take the words of pagans as our gospel.

Well, I’m not.

Just as I’m not insisting they adopt the Bible as their guidance, I’m not adopting any of their confused books of beliefs as my own.  So, technically, Yeshua – the God they hope doesn’t really exist (spelled with a capital “G”, unlike theirs), defined marriage.

Not the demonic beings masquerading as ‘gods’, today, and being worshiped by pagans.

The Bible’s first marriage couple are among the first two Humans ever constructed, which is fresh on the heels of the world being created.  So, no, I don’t see Mother Nature putting down her butter to perform marriage ceremonies.

Pagans and Native Americans were performing marriages (including same sex marriages) and marriage-like ceremonies (i.e.:  hand-fastings) before the bible was even conceived and way before the story of Eden (over 6,000 years ago).

Well, that’s not saying much, considering the individual books of the Bible existed long before they were ever assembled to form a single book.  Hell, the Book of Job was written around 2200 BC (  That means, currently, it’s about 4,215 years old.  The Garden of Eden was substantially before the time of Job, and creationists would hold that to be around 6,000 – 15,000 years ago (  So, if the pagans of about 6,000 years ago created something, that was after Yeshua created something else.

And also before they all drowned.

Pre-Olympic Pagan Swim Team I hear the Pre-Olympic Pagan Swim Team didn’t do all that well.

As for Wicca, Wicca didn’t come around, until around the mid 1950s.

Christians have NO RIGHT to restrict anyone’s rights to marriage.  It was never theirs in the first place.

Actually, it should say:

“NO ONE has the right to violate the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion rights.  The power to do so was never theirs, in the first place.”

The New Left claims to have such reverence for the Constitution, unless it means honoring the rights of people that have different sociopolitical beliefs, than their own.  Then:

So in a nutshell, this basically said Christian and catholic beliefs are all wrong, and they’re all bigots. Then it stats that every other religion was correct, in an effort to further isolate Christendom and catholicism as extreme and outliers. It goes on to claim that they invented so much of what our society is built on, and insinuated Judeo-Christian beliefs didn’t, with absolutely zero substantiation to back this. Additionally, the imbecile that wrote this portrayed paganism as something beatific, and completely ignored their LOOONG, confirmed history of the mass murder of Christians, in the name of the belief systems this uneducated, delusional person claims created the underpinnings of our society.

Christendom created the hospital system (, and made several other valuable contributions to what is, today, modern medicine. The New Left can malign these contributions, and pretend that this thing that changed humankind was not valuable, but it changes nothing.

How about the Jews? What contribution did they make to American society?

It was through the Hebrews that the world received Yeshua’s 10 Commandments.  They are the cornerstone of American law and morality, as well as the laws and morality of many other nations.


Not so much.

Most laughable is the fact that this comes from a person self-identifying as a ‘secular humanist’, a person that no more believes in the kattywampus systems of paganism, than they do any Judeo-Christian faith.

I am Virus-X:  Republic Commando, and I approve this message, whether you do, or not.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on September 16, 2015.

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