Liberals for Tolerance and Equality

Funny how the tolerant New Left reacts to things. Take the clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays, for instance.

New Left liberals refuse to even acknowledge that it’s the political party that they support that’s responsible for their invention. Don’t believe me?  Look it up.

They refuse to acknowledge that the party that created that also created other unconstitutional laws like “miscegenation”.   What?  You don’t believe the doe eyed cherubs that are the Democratic National Committee would ever have a racist bone in their bodies?

Look it up.

The People of Tolerance and Equality also fail to mention that their party also is the party that spawned the domestic terrorist outfit known as the Ku Klux Klan.  Don’t believe me?

Llllook it up.

Now, we have this woman refusing to issue those licenses, based on her religious beliefs, apparently. She’s being attacked left, right and center by the New Left, who are attacking her for allegedly cheating on her husband, having kids with some other guy, etc.

It’s funny they don’t mention that she’s a democrat.

Amazing how quickly they’ll turn on and cannibalize one of their own, isn’t it?

And it’s the same tired, stupid argument:  because there are people out there that cheat and don’t take marriage seriously (like a lot of the Hollywood leftists other leftists seem to idolize), that means gays should be able to get married. This was manufactured by the same idiots that say:  guns kill people, so we should just issue a blanket verdict, and ban all guns for being bad.

See how that argument works, when it’s turned around?

If, in the opinions of liberals, marriage has just gone to the dogs, why can’t we use that argument in reference to them? Democrats fought against civil rights legislation for decades and decades, on through the last century.  Why can’t we just ban them?

Democrat run cities are circling the drain.  Their ghettos are a terrible thing to behold.  So why don’t we just block them democrats from being on all future ballots?

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~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on September 2, 2015.

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