EBOLA = Enjoy Barack Obama’s Legacy America!


I am back, and you have been warned.


Once more, the amateur hour that is the Obama Regime plagues the country.



It’s funny how you liberals were complaining about how – supposedly – President Bush ‘intentionally’ made things worse through his ‘neglect’ during Hurricane Katrina, and yet, had absolutely nothing to say about the abysmal handling of Hurricane Sandy, and you’re saying nothing about this. It’s funny how your afrocentric imbecile who whines and beats his chest about whites not treating the blacks of Port Au Prince well enough (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFNQBTOVF4o) to get his all-important stamp of approval, himself, does very little to help those very same blacks (http://larouchepac.com/node/13870). You also avoid mentioning what President Bush actually did for the nations of Africa (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/popular-in-africa-bush-has-given-more-aid-than-any-other-us-president-783387.html).

Why is that?

Where are your outcries, liberals?  You cry about “fair share”, and completely ignore all the gross unfairness of Obama, right down to avoiding giving it any media coverage.

America in decline Foreign Policy Cover -

Now, America, itself, is in direct danger, thanks to the incompetence (or complicity) of Obama and his minions.  Reading the article above (if you’ve been mentally honest enough to actually do that) shows that following Obama is the path to a horrible death, and destruction, and where are your outcries?  Where are your calls, flooding the switchboards of the leftist politicians you back, falsely claiming they’re good for anything other than your own self-satisfaction, knowing that Obama is plotting to transform America into ground zero for Ebola patient treatment, for the ENTIRE WORLD?


obama burning flag-

Bringing everybody on the planet that is infected with ebola into the United States for treatment.  Yeah, that’s a good idea, right liberals?

Perhaps his un-American obsession with un-accountable, shadowy government-types called “czars” can help?  After all, he already has an “Ebola Czar”,


I guess this hideous Navy hag is too busy committing crimes, in diverting government funding away from EBOLA RESEARCH, and into the pockets of leftist politicians.

What about the new, improved Ebola Czar?

Well, in keeping with Obama’s well-known, pre-established patterns, they’ve decided that the man to handle something that’s just steps away from becoming a deadly, global pandemic that could significantly reduce the Human population on this world is a man that’s been nothing but a leftist bureaucrat, and has absolutely no medical education, whatsoever.  Meet Joe Biden’s former chief of staff.





And what is this unqualified, uninformed, uneducated amateur to do?

Nothing. He won’t even start the job, for several weeks [months], because he’s got better things to do.  Besides, who needs to attend boring meetings on ebola infecting American citizens, and potentially killing hundreds of millions, if not given a proper response?


Well, certainly, Obama must be on the case, and doing something substantive to protect the American public, right?  No, he’s too busy playing golf, and ordering poorly-trained National Guardsmen into harm’s way, for purely political purposes.




And to avoid facing possible criminal charges, he’s deigned to provide them a 4-hour bloc class on the ins-and outs of ebola.


I assume you’re not complaining about this, liberals, because you still just don’t care about military troops; you only care about yourselves, and what you think you’re entitled to, right?  You couldn’t be bothered to care less about people that prove themselves braver, than yourself, and you let pathetic whores like Kristen Stewart speak for you, right?


And, after all, you’re all in for believing Obama’s newest lie, about troops not coming into contact with the infected, right?


Leftists (you know who you are) don’t surprise me, anymore.  No matter what, you’re leftists, first.  You’re leftists, before being Christians (which you aren’t, anyway, no matter what you say), you’re leftists before being Americans, and you’re leftists, before anything else.  Party/ideology uber alles.  You may complain about the latest inconvenience your leftist ideals in actions have visited upon you (http://weaselzippers.us/202902-obamacare-bronze-plan-premiums-expected-to-jump-an-average-of-14-in-2015/), but would you really vote against fellow leftists, and give Conservatism (not “Republicanism”) a chance?

Of course not.

Conservative Republicans, generally, say they’re what they are, because they believe that those ideals will be beneficial to the Country, and the People; and in this day and age, they believe that Conservatism is what will save this blighted nation.  You leftists?  Generally, you say you’re leftists/democrats, because you hate Republicans.  Because you hate what they stand for, what they believe in, and them, personally.  And yet, even reading this, lack the wherewithal to see what’s wrong with that. You swallow every turd Obama drops on the carpet, such as his being incensed about his own piss-poor non-plan to deal with Ebola (http://weaselzippers.us/202889-seriously-obama-is-really-really-seething-over-his-ebola-response/), all the while ignoring how the program YOU WANTED is placing more Americans at risk, than helping them (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=07c_1413493787), and how Obama is doing all sorts of wrong things, and almost ignoring ebola, altogether.


There’s a word for people, like you.

More and more, I’m hearing leftists claim this isn’t a left or right issue, or – funnier still – that they’re disenchanted with the 2 party system.  I can’t take these people seriously, considering everything else they say still very much shows they’re in the ass pocket of the Party of Slavery.

It’s like when an enemy constantly talks about burying the hatchet, to your face, and all the while, you’re hearing about the things they’re saying behind your back, when they think you won’t find out.  You’re just too deep into your own ideology to realize (or, perhaps, you don’t even care) that what you’re pushing is hurting the Country, as a whole, hurting individuals, directly, and now, endangering the lives of millions.  I guess as long as you get to watch your 30 Rock and Greek, everything’s A-OK.

great seal of virus x


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 19, 2014.

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