Liberals, Obviously, Don’t Believe Veterans Matter.

The military is almost like a different planet, when you’re there, and a lot of people, when they come back, don’t like what they find. Some years ago, a leftist socialist was elected president – Barack Obama – and with his socialist touting cohorts, pushed through unethical, unconstitutional legislation called ‘Obamacare’. One of their arguments was that people were ‘dying in the streets’, because they didn’t have government health care.

Supposedly, Obamacare is what the country needs to save children from a fate worse than death.

DNC Speaker Stacy Lihn: Obamacare ‘Is Saving My Daughter’s Life’

One thing liberals like to repeat from their bible of catch-phrases is “…the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats it’s most vulnerable members”, even as they joyfully slaughter innocent, unborn children, and make that infanticide the subject of snuff flicks.

FANTASTIC: Remembers Emily’s ‘positive’ abortion video? Well here’s the scorching rebuttal

Too many times, I’ve heard liberals crow about how much they ‘support the troops’, when their behavior shows that they do anything but.  Leftist hyperbole is the stuff of legend, but in this case, saying ‘liberals don’t care about Veterans, or active duty personnel, and would prefer to see them dead, than coming back, demanding the benefits they actually earned, as opposed to put their hands out and demanded’.  Just recently, I had some idiot tell me, upon finding out I was Conservative, that I – and other Conservatives –  only care about life, when it’s in the womb.  That’s really funny, coming from the person in the political party that stand back, and literally watches children die, outside the womb, saying ‘some people will live, some people will die’.

The socialist president – Obama – himself, claims to have such a soft spot in his cold, hard heart for Veterans, and the military, in general, and yet, when informed of the problems in the VA, he did absolutely nothing.

In fact, it’s quite apparent where Obama’s priorities lie, and what groups he considers important, and unimportant.

All this, leading up to the current day, today.  It’s no secret that the DNC touts socialism, which is one of the reasons people like leftist socialist Bernie Sanders is always so closely aligned with them.  Today, more of his true colors have been shown, in his leading the DNC in opposing legislation that would give Veterans their due:  justice.

UNREAL: Senate Dems Block Bill To Hold VA Accountable…

All under the guise of needing time to read the bill, it’s also come to light that that bill was 3 PAGES LONG.

IF that.

No, he lead the fight against the bill, because, like most liberals, I believe, he doesn’t care about Veterans.  To the liberal, Veterans are uneducated people that serve no societal purpose, other than to die for their (liberals) pleasure and protection of their values and way of life.  Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Sanders, who chairs the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, has been one of the most outspoken defenders of the VA against allegations of misconduct. When asked about reports of multiple deaths related to long wait times at the VA healthcare system, Sanders told CNN: “People die every day.”

UNREAL: Senate Dems Block Bill To Hold VA Accountable…

As for Obama, he refuses to hold himself, or any of his regime, responsible.

Instead of admitting their hand in this, liberals resort to their same, old and tire canard:

True, there were problems under President Bush, but at least Bush took active steps to rectify them.  Obama?  He literally did nothing.  NOTHING.


Because he doesn’t care.

If you’re supporting Obama, you’re supporting a man that despises Veterans, and active duty military personnel, and actively does things to hurt and discourage them.

If you support Obama, then you don’t support Veterans.  In fact, you are the enemy of all Veterans and military personnel, no matter what your words might say.  Actions always speak louder, than words.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on May 24, 2014.

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