Melissa Harris-Perry


So, we’re supposed to care about this?! This assclown TARGETED Romney, just on the basis on the fact that he ran for office, OVER A YEAR AGO. This was a CHRISTMAS CARD, not meant for public consumption, and you chose to make it public fare, and had no problem with the racism and scorn heaped upon Mitt Romney’s family, and his YOUNG GRANDSON, JUST like you had no problem with the attacks on Sarah Palin’s INFANT SON, Trig. You cry your crocodile tears, probably because you’re afraid of pulling a Martin Bashir, after he caught well deserved fire for expressing his sick and kinky desire to get a Hot Carl from Sarah Palin, on the air. You talk about his being a ‘family’ channel, and yet hire the least family friendly people you can find; an anti-Christian homosexual – Maddow – , and an anti-Christian anti homosexual, named Baldwin. You are the lowest of scum, and you beg for undeserved forgiveness. You were raised in a family with whites – and MORMON whites, at that – and expressed not a word of ire, in regards to the attacks against Romney and his religion, from your own cohorts, like Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, and others. You are low, you are scum, and your family should be DEEPLY ASHAMED for raising a snake, like you, that is so eager to bite, you bite relentlessly and remorseless AT YOUR OWN FAMILY, to get at someone else, and draw their blood for your sport, and to entertain your friends. You are despicable. You and your friends, like that racist socialist Larry O’Donnell ooze and drip racism out of your pores, and it dribbles down your chins, such as when O’Donnell attacked black candidate Herman Cain, or did you conveniently forget that? You’re only fooling the stupid: leftists attach themselves to the DNC for very simple reasons. The DNC PIONEERED race based slavery in this country. The DNC PIONEERED institutionalized racism, through stacked “supreme” courts that rubber stamped things like the Fugitive Slave Act, Segregation, Separate but Equal, etc. The DNC PIONEERED domestic terrorism, through organizations like the Ku Klux Klan (no matter how you try to ignore them, they were started by DEMOCRAT CONFEDERATES, on CHRISTMAS EVE). The DNC PIONEERED Apartheid, LONG before South Africa, and stood behind their lions of racism and segregation, like Bull “Firehose” Connor, Lestor “attacks black children so viciously, President Eisenhower had to check him” Maddox, John “I vote against civil rights legislation” Kennedy, Robert “I hate blacks” Kennedy who used his office (attained through nepotism) to attack and harass Dr. Martin Luther King, Al “segregation” Gore Senior, and so on. You are pathetic, and you are scum. You don’t even have the self awareness to realize that blacks that are Conservative, like myself, aren’t the damned “sellouts”, here, it’s blacks that cling to the party of slavery, that are the “sellouts”. That would be people like YOU. Take your fake tears, and go straight to HELL, where Universalist Unitarians like yourself ALL go.  While I famously disagree with Mormonism, at least they call themselves Christian.  You?  You ran so far away from your family, you’ve thrown them under the bus, so you can launch your career of racism and bigotry against the people you are so filled with hate for, and you’ve distanced yourself from God.  

Don’t think, for a moment, that Jesus hasn’t distanced Himself, from you.



~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on January 4, 2014.

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