There is No Such Thing as Reverse Racism. That Implies that there is a Proper Direction in Which it Should Flow.

Look, I’m no fan of Willard Romney, I never have been. However, I’m even less a fan of racists, which Willard isn’t. The next time you hear a black person whining about how mean white racists are to them, the next time you hear some latino whining about how bad they have it, because ‘the white man is holding them down’, just laugh in their faces. This is the kind of person I WISH I could have 5 minutes with on national TV, because I’d kick 2 new cracks in his ass, before time expired. He’s the type of person that says its only racist when a white person does it, or when a Republican of any color does. Nevermind the fact that the DNC CAME INTO BEING based on racist social and political platforms. Nevermind that the DNC (the party this jackass belongs to) INVENTED race based slavery in America, INVENTED institutionalized racism and INVENTED domestic terrorism. Nevermind the fact that DNC TERRORISTS became members of the Supreme Court (Hugo Black, for instance) and president (Truman, FDR). Nevermind the fact that the DNC fought for over a CENTURY against civil rights legislation (including Fulbright, Clinton’s mentor, Gore [big Al’s father], Byrd, and the KENNEDYS). Nevermind the fact that when blacks like this jackass mention the Fugitive Slave Act, Segregation (America’s Apartheid), Slavery and Jim Crow, they’re talking about unconstitutional laws THE DEMOCRATS passed. Let’s not forget that Eisenhower sent the Army into the streets of Alabama to fight off DNC members like Bull Connor and Lester Maddox, who were terrorizing children, just because they were black. No, don’t think about that. Hill is an imbecile. He has no knowledge of history, which means he probably doesn’t have much of a significant, useful education, in general. Don’t let the suit fool you. He’s a dumbass.

I mean, just look at the crux of his argument:

“I don’t think it is. I just said that I don’t doubt romney’s intentions. Still, ppl have a right to question him. He’s public.”

In other words, I (supposedly) have no doubts as to Romney’s good intentions.  I’m just saying that since he’s a white Republican that everybody knows about, we should question those motives, anyway.





~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on December 31, 2013.

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