Jesse Jackson, and How His Remarks Epitomize the Left

Take it all in, people, and wipe the stupid out of your heads. This is LIBERALITY’S FINEST HOUR.

A liberal icon defends a possible democrat (like him) militant/terrorist (KKK), all in an attempt to jump on the Attack Phil Bandwagon. Race is secondary, like everything else with liberals, who really are so hate filled, they’re in a confused, combative haze, resulting in a political party full of people that hate each other, because of skin color. Like Dr. Banner saidin the Avengers, the DNC is not a team; they’re a chemical mixture. A noxious, toxic mixture that was spevcifically made to cause chaos and destruction. Liberality isn’t a political philosophy, to the left, it’s quite clearly their religious faith. They mock Christians for awaiting Christ’s return, all the while not realizing they deserve to be mocked for waiting for their god – Groupthink – to come and make a single one of their stupid beliefs even practical.

Jackass shows he’s no disciple of Jesus, but an apostle of that chaos and destruction I just talked about. His god is Satan, going by the name Groupthink. His church is the DNC, his denomination is liberal socialist. Like Judas who betrayed Christ, Jackass doesn’t even realize what – WHO – really possesses what remains of his rotten, twisted soul, and directs his words and steps. He thinks he’s doing God’s work, but he’s really just doing HIS god’s work. When confronted with a real Godly man, like Phil, and family, like the Robertsons, the rotteness and evil in him like an angry snake, and lashes out, blindly.

Just as you’re wasting your time in trying to convert a True Christian, you’re wasting your time, just as badly, in trying to convert – or even have meaningful dialog with – a True Believer of leftist political evangelism. Don’t kid yourself; “stars” that suddenly talk like Conservatives speak, solely, out of the self interest of their bank accounts. Peel back a single layer of the onion, and you’ll see they remain liberal to the core, in spite of a pseudo conservative candy coating that exists only to make their words easier to swallow.

Liberals await their Messiah:  their own Invisible Hand of Government. In the meantime, they’ll play the race card, every time, to fertilize the ground for their savior to evolve from the dirt and refuse it would have to grow from. Don’t kid yourselves. Liberalism, as a religious faith, masquerades as a political party, just like Islam masquerades as a religion. And both are filled with dangerous, violent fanatics that want to watch America burn, and remake it in their own twisted image.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on December 27, 2013.

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