Awakening, or Just Snoring?

I’ll get right to the point.

Everybody knows I’m a harsh critic of the so called “Black Community”. I only believe in the American Community, not in useless ethnic enclaves that seek to separate themselves from everyone else that’s different. (Also, if people touted a semi separatist/isolationist “White Community”), imagine the uproar.

I’ve no sympathy for blacks, nor the whites and whatnot that enable their stupidity, as they cling to the blatantly stupid, racist, isolationist, socialist/communist, bankrupting and balkanizing policies of the DNC. They’re just too stupid, selfish and uneducated to know their own history, and cling to the party and people that took it all away from them. They’re too stupid to know that the political party they blindly support INVENTED ethnicity based slavery in this country, institutionalized racist, race and political based domestic terrorism, the Fugitive Slave Act, Segregation, Jim Crow, etc.

They’re too uneducated to know that the DNC took up arms, turned coat and committed mass murder to preserve the nonexistent right to perpetuate these crimes against Humanity, and can’t open their tiny minds to realize the GOP was literally CREATED to thwart the DNC’s advance in their efforts to drag the rest of the nation down.

They’re too selfish and self absorbed to listen, when told that their ancestors voted Republican, had seats and say in all levels of government, through the GOP, and were free to live free, productive and moral lives by the liberty the GOP fought to assure. It’s this same selfishness that made the mentally weak easy prey for the lies of the DEMOCRAT. With the promise of free stuff, Social Security, Welfare, food stamps, etc., they vowed their allegiance to the very people that hate them, to this very day. Their loyalty meant training their children to ride the stupid train with them to the election booth, voting for FDRs, JFKs, LBJs, James Earl Carters, Clintons, and now Obamas. They accuse blacks in the GOP or Conservative Party of being sellouts and tokens, all the while being too stupid to know THEY are those very sellouts and tokens, of which they speak.

Now, looking at this video, I can only wonder. Sure, the GOP had scum and racists, more fit for the DNC than the Republicans, but I’d certainly say the DNC is the LEAST perfect. Are these blacks finally realizing they’ve been duped and played for idiots, since before they were born? Are they finally seeing how stupid they look and sound? Are they seeing that when the DNC arrived and replaced the traditional marriage and family with government cheese, welfare checks, food stamps, projects and the promotion of mindless, soulless debauchery, they took everything from them, and put them back on the slave auction block?

I have ZERO faith in Humanity, and doubt it. More painful, destructive lessons will have to be learned. This talk is just talk. This apparent flicker of common sense will be blown out like the flame of a small candle. Some may believe in “hope”, but I don’t. Those that do, tend to take it in the 4th point of contact. Actions speak louder than words, and when I see action, that’s when I’ll start taking notice, and maybe get motivated to help. If they can figure out the age old question about the definition of insanity, then there might just be “hope”.



~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on December 22, 2013.

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