False Patriots

This is precisely why I cannot say leftists are patriots, or love their country, in any way, shape or form, with a straight face or clear conscience. The left love, in reality, not the United States the real patriots love, but the concept of a post constitutional nation in name only that is created in their image, and where this is considered ‘protecting people from foreign threats’:


Leftists want a Constitutional Convention, not to make things better, but because they believe they’re better and smarter than the Founding Fathers. The thought of acknowledging the greatness of men like John Adams (my ancestor, by the way), and not having the people bask in their own illusory greatness galls and rankles leftists, beyond their ability to tolerate. Barack Obama represents the template leftists have wanted, for so long, to force that “fundamental change” down the throats of everyone they don’t like (i.e.:  any non liberal). He is their Ronald Reagan, ushering in a new age of liberalism. They dream about the extremes of the Bizarro World they could turn America into, and the absolute power of a benevolent (toward liberals) all powerful super state, all the while being too stupid to realize the dangers they create for themselves.

These liberals are like the mad scientists from a bad alien invasion movie, from the 40s. They rail at society for not appreciating their awful, downright evil, inventions, and when the aliens come, they see this as an opportunity, and not a threat. They think that by joining with their overlords, when all is said and done, their loyalty will be rewarded with something like their own, personal kingdom. Maybe instead of revising history, they should actually pay attention to it. Across the Soviet bloc of SSRs, there were many people that sided with the Communist (i.e.:  SOCIALIST) overlords, that actually did become rich and powerful in societies that, allegedly, tolerated the presence of personal riches, or power. Look at the murderous dictator Vladimir Putin (who did violate his nations constitution, and return to power, like Governor Brown in California). Then, look at those that fell from favor, like Yeltsin, or even Trotsky. The mad scientists (i.e.:  liberals) all roll their dice, thinking they’ll be a Putin, and not a Trotsky.

Do you really need any more reason to oppose these people that seek to being peace on Earth, and good will to all men, even as they show their ethnocentric, sexual and economic hatred and contempt for people of their own party?


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on November 29, 2013.

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