Cutbacks and Constitutional Government

There’s a new Conservative news agency on line, today, and it’s called One America News (

In one of the points addressed, they spoke about how all these people that are deemed “non-essential” are now being laid off (though the fancy terms is furloughed).  The question on the floor for people that are arguing about Constitutional government is “why do we employ these people, in the first place?”

We’re hearing about how leftists are refusing to allow funding for cancer treatments:

We are hearing about how leftists are fighting attempts to ensure Veterans have their earned benefits continue:

This could be a golden opportunity to slash government size.  A golden opportunity to start making steps to reduce government size to something constitutional.  Look at this:

The vast majority of this listing of government agencies is unconstitutional.  Fraud, waste and abuse, plain and simple.  The product of bureaucrats and politicians that don’t care about their oaths of office, their constituents, or anything other than themselves, and what they can do to carve out their own personal fiefdoms.  Look at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Stated by RINO Richard (Nixon; Tricky Dicky), this shows a president and a Congress that have no regard for the law, or the People.  It is nothing more than an unconstitutional, and therefore illegal, centralization of federalized power.  The EPA has served very little purpose, other than to hamstring business, cripple industry and hurt the US economy and People.  They invade privacy, and deprive of constitutional rights.  A constitutional solution?  Naturally, the complete and total dissolution of the agency.  Why?  Because States are sovereign, and control their own environments.  In Michigan, for instance, there is the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), a state agency working with the Michigan State Police (and one many believe should be reined in, for their own abuses).  On the left coast, there’s the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA).  They serve similar functions, but the states they serve are very far apart, and not only in distance.  Michigan, under it’s RINO governor (Snyder) and nominally Republican dominated Legislature is becoming a little more business friendly.  Michigan is also — whether you know it, or not — is an oil state, just like California.  However, their business models are very different.

In the State of Michigan, just before Obama set up squat in the Oval Office, the decision was made to start utilizing the resources available.  Naturally, the leftists opposed this, including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Should the State of Michigan get a real Conservative for governor, it’s pretty much a cinch that they’ll start drilling and fracking.  Look at North Dakota.  They’re experiencing an economic boom, thanks to on-shore oil drilling on private land (Obama is trying to take credit for this, but, in reality, he’s been cutting back on oil drilling and hamstringing American energy independence:  This has resulted in a number of benefits for the State.

Wouldn’t you want your State to be like this?  Why isn’t your State Legislature doing this?

In any event, then there’s California.  Perennially mismanaged, California has become the capital of the left coast, and a laughing stock, textbook example of a State run by leftists (like New York, which they seem to compete with, to see which State is the worst).  While North Dakota is experiencing an economic boom, California resists this, because of their leftist Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, all run by people that seem to have a vested interest in running that place, and it’s People, into the ground in the worst way possible.  The California Natural Resources Agency is just as anti-business and anti-citizen, as the EPA, while the government organs of North Dakota are not.  With the removal of the federal leviathan government from our backs, the States are free to go their own way, and follow their own elected governments.  California would be free to fail and fail again, under decades of leftist incompetence, while North Dakota would be free to prosper, and this would leave Michigan free to embark on the path of becoming business friendly, serious job creation and other successes.  Under the current system, the California style of government sits like an octopus over the entire country.

This is completely in line with the Constitution granting the right to succeed or fail, through equal opportunity; not equal success through equal results.  Freed from this one shackle — the EPA — thousands upon thousands of jobs would be created in America, and even the XL Pipeline would become unnecessary (seeing as to how we have more than enough natural resources, of our own, to not need Canada’s).

How many other ways would America prosper, with a pared down federal government, and a constitutional government?


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on October 5, 2013.

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