Of Anakin and Obama

(Note:  I originally wrote this post July 16th, 2011, on another one of my blogs.)

Originally, I wrote this in response to a post at:


Suddenly had an epiphany, in reference to this man-child’s character, and it reminded me of another character. Apparently, there were people that agreed with me. I’ll expand on it, later.

“It just hit me.More and more, the Dalai Obama reminds me of a very famous movie character: the Hayden Christensen portrayal of Anakin Skywalker.Like Anakin, he’s a dangerous individual. He is in possession of powers that he is mentally and emotionally too immature to either handle, or understand. Like Anakin, he has to constantly have handlers; he is constantly saying something, or doing, something inappropriate that people of any intellect will see as controversial or even threatening. Like Anakin, he is the product of a poor family environment; Anakin’s mother was a slave, his father a maniacal mass murdering dictator, following a blood-soaked pagan false religion. Obama is from a family of elitist socialists, and we all know what happens when socialism metamorphosizes into communism. He is incapable of forming cogent, coherent thoughts on his own, and actually INCOMPLETE without someone else to control him, leaving him to take on the persona dictated by his handler (such as when Anakin became putty in the hands of Sidious). When personally challenged on his wrong-headed viewpoint, he shows just how much of a petulant, overgrown child he really is, and that he is emotionally incapable of growing and learning. He is murderous in his callous disregard for the lives, rights and safety of others. Anakin thought it completely unimportant to murder into the hundreds of millions, starting with his own allies and the contract security forces of his own government (the Order of Jedi Knights), in his quest to please his master, and took on his master’s desire to bring the entirety of the citizenry under a single boot-heel, or under a single whip, like a team of horses, fit for nothing for servitude and taxation. Like Anakin, war means nothing to him, because the lives of those serving under him are meaningless; they were made to die. That is their only purpose in life, and if they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t have joined up. 

What worries me, is what Anakin eventually turned into. He became such a monster, even the lives of his own family became unimportant in the face of his political ambition, and his lust for power, leading him to murder his own wife. Remaking himself, he became Darth Vader, and his lust for personal power became even greater, and the lives and welfare of everyone else that were not in his inner circle became even less important. The deaths of millions were neither a tragedy, nor a statistic to him, he’d become so insulated and distant from the common Human Being. Obama wages war in Libya, and will do anything to maintain that war, irregardless of law, and in further contempt of the Constitution. Just as the Empire swept away the Senate, I already see Obama doing this, in his creation of his shadow government: the unconstitutional, unaccountable, unknown Czars. This man needs to be removed from power, IMMEDIATELY. The regime of Darth Obama will not end well, and the longer it goes on, the more damage he will do to America and our allies. And some of that damage will be irreversible.

Guys like West are, quite possibly, taking their safety, and their family’s safety, into their own hands, standing up to L’enfant terrible-in-chief, as well as flirting with career disaster. I’m glad there are people like West, who, knowing what they’re opposing, choose to do it, anyway.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on July 16, 2013.

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