Justice for George

The verdict is in, and the courtroom proceedings are over, and not we really find out who the stupid people are.

On the one hand, we have idiots posting derogatory pictures related to the trial, making fun of the fact that Martin’s dead.  This is accompanied by stupid remarks. 

Then, you’ve got the other idiots that are threatening peoples’ lives, and threatening to riot because somebody they’d never heard of, until NBC presented it’s doctored evidence on the matter (which I believe they are being sued for).


Instead of issuing threats, and instead of making statements that run the stupidity gamut from racist, to incindiary, to just plain asinine, maybe you should shut up, back up, regroup, and think about what’s going on.

I just talked with a friend and fellow Veteran about an hour ago, and he’s going to a “demonstration” in Detroit, over this.  He was beyond reason.  Evidence meant nothing to him, testimony meant nothing to him.  Even his centerpiece argument that Zimmerman was stalking a weak, helpless 17 year old child that only scratched him a little bit, and didn’t really hurt him was broken down, it meant nothing.  He even mentioned something that showed the crux of his argument was really ethnicity based (or, “race based”, for you scientific illiterates, out there, that are too stupid to know what the Human Genome Project proved about “race”, decades ago).  He called Zimmerman a white guy that wanted to be a cop, and shouldn’t have carried a gun on patrol.

1:  Zimmerman wasn’t white.  In fact, a significant percentile of his family is black.  His father was a white guy, but his mother was Peruvian.


Zimmerman’s great grandfather was just as black as Martin.


2:  He had a CCW, and lived in a housing area where thieves seemed to break and enter with impugnity.  Being alone on watch, I’d take my weapon, too.  Some suggested he didn’t need it, because he was on watch, but, that’s just more talk from the stupid people I just got through talking about.  And if he wanted to be a cop, so what?  Does that mean he isn’t allowed to carry a weapon, or is that just yet another unfounded accusation to try to smear this guy?  Probably both, to the stupid people.

I asked the friend of mine what made this case so special, and why he didn’t care about things like this:


Or this:


Or this:


Or even this:


He wouldn’t answer.  I’m pretty sure that in some of the cases, the skin color of the attackers wasn’t right, and in others, they weren’t people that mattered, because their deaths coudn’t be used to further a political agenda (at least not one that’s favorable to his side of the argument).

Then, there’s the racism allegation that racist punks like Sharpton and Obama have been running with.  Sharpton makes his living off being a racist, and without racism, Sharpton would be living in an alley somewhere, drinking out of a paper bag, after his gig as a backup singer for James Brown was over.

Sharpton has gone on to achieve much in his life, such as smearing the reputation of a cop that committed suicide, and hurting his family:

He has piled on the attacks launched against people in college, more than likely, just because they were white.


Of course, when the truth came out, he never apologized for that.

Then, there is the murder Sharpton should be charged with, but wasn’t.



So, as you see, Sharpton’s an expert on insurrection, agitprop and mas murder.  This is the man that is inciting the mindless passions of the next group of stupid people.  We have a species of leftout out there that claims to want to be part of the political process, and that is just not so.  What they really want is to be part of the show trial.  The dog and pony show.  The kangaroo court.  In Star Trek DS9 (my favorite, by the way), there is a Nazi like race called the Cardassians.

(Not the Kardashians.)

Their entire civilization is under hard domestic surveillance by a Stasi-like (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stasi) intelligence organization called the Obsidian Order (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Obsidian_Order).  The people just cooperated with these thugs, because they worked for the government, which was just sooo great.  One of the things everybody liked doing, instead of watching baseball (which sucks, anyway) was to watch trials. 


Because it showed their government was out to protect them, and they always knew the verdict:  GUILTY.

Why was everybody brought to trial judged guilty?  Because their government would not try a man that was innocent, of course!  What planet are you from?  And that’s precisely what we have, here.  While the leftists writing Star Trek likened their civilization to totalitarianism like Stalinism, this is the mentality that radiates from the left, today.  George Zimmerman was guilty, and everybody knew it.  However, the reasons are a little different, than the Cardassians’. 

Today, we have a movement that looks at the coronations of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (B-Rock, to his friends:  http://weaselzippers.us/2013/07/06/celebrity-obamabot-russell-simmons-unveils-new-cartoon-obama-the-gangsta-superhero-b-rock/) as vindication for 200 years of slavery in which they never participated.  These people see every white man as their enemy, or every white man that doesn’t think like they do, and agree with their stupid arguements, as their enemy.  He’s President Payback, and now its time they get what’s theirs.  They demand their god-president (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbZf__CFa-g&feature=youtube_gdata_player) declare them a protected, endangered species, so they can finally, and rightfully, take their place as rulers of this country.  Now, not all of this is based on ethnic animosity, but on every bit of hatred the left drags around in its collective soul. 





Discrimination against people, based on sexual preference:






And all sorts of other negative isms.  Everybody wants to be a sacred cow, end to finally get to live out their fantasy wish dreams of entitlement.  One thing they believe they’re entitled to is a government persecuting and prosecuting their “enemies”.  We are dealing with people that will not listen to reason, and will readily resort to mob violence (because most are too sissy to fight, on their own).  We are dealing with people that have virtually no capacity for logic, and only think in terms of what color your skin is, how much money you make in respect to their own paychecks (if they even get one), where you shop, who you give your money to, how you worship “god” (because they don’t believe in Jesus, regardless of what the so called “Evangelical Left” says), etc.

Being an assclown, putting up pictures of Skittles and Arizona tea is not only stupid and counterproductive, it attacks the family (the father and stepmother; his mother hadn’t been in his life, for years, and only came back when she could copyright or trademark things with her dead son’s name on it).  It makes you look like a racist (which may full well be the case, as many like to pretend they’re Conservatives), and it just gives the real enemy more ammunition.  Instead of doing stupid things, try to figure out how we protect society from a tidal wave of violent leeches that glom onto any pet cause and turn it into a clarion call for armed revolution.  Instead of sinking down to their level, how about we use the brains God gave us that still function, and try to outthink people that seem to have an aversion to using their brains, in the first place.

Make no mistake:  Trayvon Martin wanted to live the thug life, and got what thugs deserve.  That doesn’t mean I’m glad he’s dead, just as ZIMMERMAN has stated, time and again, that he’s regretful of having to kill a 17 year old BOY, stupid as he was.  Now’s the time to really step back and realize just how many of our rights are under attack by this government and it’s personality cult loyalists.  A man’s life is in danger, along with the rest of his family and friends’, because he exercised his right not to be killed by a violent drug-fiend that delighted in taking pictures of himself wielding guns and breaking drug laws.


Now’s the time to start thinking about this existential threat that looks to overwhelm our country through violence and persecution, and how we can turn this ugly tide back, without bloodshed.  What are we going to do to prevent another Zimmerman trial?  In some instances, we are going to have to reason with the unreasonable.  In some cases it will work (to some extent); in others, it won’t.  Most of all, we’re going to have to further Conservative ideals and put real Conservatives in office.  People that actually have a grasp of law and justice, and realize that “social justice” is nothing more than just another catch phrase, like “global warming”.  We are going to have to stabilize society by calming the barbarians, and by removing from political power the people that egg those barbarians on.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on July 14, 2013.

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