Let’s define the equation.

The suppression of even looking into the Benghazi attacks and murders, along with avoiding even snatching up suspects, until (WELL) after the 2012 election.


Suppression of the results of the Inspector General reports into malfeasance by the IRS, until (WELL) after the 2012 election.


Suppression of United States Department of State Diplomatic Security Bureau investigations into US officials in Obama Regime/Clinton State Department running drug rings, soliciting minors for prostituton, etc., until (WELL) after the 2012 election.


Not making any moves, in spite of finding such things as the MASSIVE scale voter fraud in states like Ohio, and individuals that committed (and bragged) about voter fraud, which, in all likelihood, negatively impacted the 2012 election.


Obama lying by commission, when stating that he’d briefed Congress on the full magnitude of his unconstitutional, unprecedented, unrestrained, Soviet-like spying on American citizens, when, in fact, we are now finding out that he told a select few (probaby all ideological fellow travellers).


The leftists stealing another election. 

I don’t know what more you need, to finally realie that the social, political and fiscal left in this country are absolutely disinterested in law and order.  Obama, for instance, when slamming Bush, stated that the Constitution worked, then in another interview, denounced that same document as being nothing more than a “…charter of negative liberties…” that only told him what he couldn’t do to people, and made it difficult for him to institute his widespread, un-American changes.

Conservatives have to learn to fight fire with fire.  Not to go on widespread campaigns of lawlessness, like liberals, but to use their tactics against them.  Leftists love using the power of the State against the People and against organizations.  The Conservatives need to do the same thing, and with greater ferocity and tanacity.  Leftists love to monopolize the media for getting their propaganda across and into the public.  Conservatives need to organize their own media, coopt others, and support pre-existing Conservative media to get their points (AKA:  the Truth) into the public realm.

Liberals will circle the wagons, to protect their own, fellow travellers, right or wrong.  Conservatives need to do the same, to protect fellow Conservatives that have done no wrong, but are under attack by the left.

This isn’t rocket science, and time is running out.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on June 11, 2013.

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