The New Confederacy

We need a new Confederacy.


According to statistics, the economies that are leading the country are in the red states, in particular places like Texas and North Dakota.

If the red states were to united in a political and economic bloc, trading with each other in preference to other (blue) states, it would only make the lives of their citizens a lot better. Imagine a bloc of red states getting their legislatures together, pooling ideas, and eliminating state level income tax. Imagine their legislatures, supreme courts and attorneys general protecting them from the dictatorial overreach of Obama and his brownshirt “civilian national security force”, known as the DHS, CIA, DOJ, Departments of Energy, Treasury, Education, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development. Instead of taking orders from them, the states would go in the directions directed by their People and their State Republics.


Just imagine the price drop and explosion in competition, when they allow insurance of all kind to be bought and sold across their borders. Imagine businesses, seeing a place that wouldn’t burden them down with excessive, confiscatory taxation, moving into these states, and contributing to their economies, and reducing their unemployment rates, further. Imagine lawmakers trying to ween people off federal programs like Social Security, in favor of programs created in the private sector, or by the individual red states of the Confederacy, themselves. Imagine Medicare and Medicaid no longer recognized, in favor of cheaper, locally run alternatives, meaning people could get better access to health care, and lower costs to everyone, while not short changing the doctors and hospitals, in the process.

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Imagine a bloc where the citizen is protected from national bureaucrats and leftist career politicians that don’t care about the Constitution, and don’t care about the people they victimize, in the name of extending their relevance and political power over others.

Imagine a place where politicians don’t just talk a big game about keeping illegal aliens out of their marketplaces, but actually work with the Confederation of Red States to do just that.


Imagine where, across the Confederacy, citizens are charged fair, flattened rates (if directly taxed, at all) for their city, county and state services.

Now, imagine the economic devastation in the rest of the country, as the bumbling leftists do everything they can to try disrupting and busting up the Red State Confederation, as opposed to emulating their success. Where a federal government idiotically allows people to violate the Constitution with stupid things like inter-state embargoes, in order to make a feeble attempt to hurt the people that have the audacity to live there, as opposed to trying to see if they can find the same levels of success. Imagine blue state citizens, tired of their governments doing everything they can in the name of personal power and political party to make life unlivable, overturning their governments, and making new red states, eager to join the Confederation.

Nice to think about, isn’t it?

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~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on June 2, 2013.

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