More Reasons Why Barack Hussein Obama Should Resign

VIRAL NOTES:  In a recent article addressing recent articles, presented reasons why Obama, the worst president of our times, since James Earl Carter, should resign.

Instapundit ( out at PJMedia ( cited a number of reasons, the gist of which was Obama’s engaging in intimidation tactics through his surrogates, to harass a private citizen (something he’s done, before, by the way).  Well, I’m going to throw some more fuel on the fire, and cite even more reasons, which, again, cite his outright and unambiguous animosity towards Christians and Christendom, and catholics.  Let’s not forget other things (things WILLARD should’ve been pounding on, MONTHS ago, but he’s too stupid to):

Obama has made a concerted attack on the right to express and practice religion, and free speech, and this has been a long standing practice. In fact, from the days before he was even elected, he expressed his animosity and contempt for Christianity and catholicism.

Remember: this was a speech given in front of a pack of elitist liberals from the left coast city of San Fransicko. A city of people that have outright rebelled against goodness and decency in all forms, and have a worthless police force to match. This, before he even became president, showed his true feelings towards Christians, and Christendom, in general.

Later on, during his tenure as president, he began his true assault on religions not affiliated with islam. When he came out with his un-Constitutional “ObamaCare” (yes, it is un-Constitutional; the government cannot force the citizens into contracts with private institutions, no matter what the leftist controlled Supreme Court says, and if you actually read the Constitution [unlike the average liberal], you’ll see that the powers of enumeration dealing with Congress and taxation give them no power to levy the taxes that are being associated with the enforcement of ObamaCare), the catholics (who were pretty much firmly planted between Obama’s back pockets, prior to this ruling) began turning on Obama, and even outright ‘declared war’ on ObamaCare (  The incident I’m concerned about, however, was Obama’s interference in church operations and freedom, when he refused to allow a letter critical of his policies to be read by military chaplains.

Military chaplains told not to read archbishop’s letter on HHS mandate

Feb. 08, 2012
By Nancy Frazier O’Brien, Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON — A directive from the U.S. Army chief of chaplains that a letter opposing the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate not be read from the pulpit by Catholic military chaplains violated First Amendment rights of free speech and free exercise of religion, according to the head of the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio spoke with Secretary of the Army John McHugh about the chief of chaplains’ response to the archbishop’s Jan. 26 letter and the two “agreed that it was a mistake to stop the reading of the archbishop’s letter,” according to a statement released by the military archdiocese to Catholic News Service Feb. 6.

The two also agreed to McHugh’s suggestion that one line, which read “We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law,” be removed from the letter because of “the concern that it could potentially be misunderstood as a call to civil disobedience,” the statement added.

The Army, under the control of the Obama Regime, made an outright and blatant move to suppress the freedom to practice one’s religion, as guaranteed in the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”United States Constitution, Amendment One

But wait:  there’s more.

After violating their Constitutional rights to both “…freedom of speech…” and the prohibition of the “…free exercise…” of religion, Obama, through his surrogates and minions, went a step further.  Obama had an edited (that’s right), or re-written, version of the letter made available for reading.  From Business Insider Politics, February 3, 2012:

All the bishops in the country sent out a letter to be read in their parishes promising that the Church “cannot-and will not-comply with this unjust law.”

Even Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who is in charge of Catholic military chaplains sent out the same letter.  

But after he did, the Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains sent out another communication forbidding Catholic priests to read the letter, in part because it seemed to encourage civil disobedience, and could be read as seditious against the Commander-in-Chief. 

More than one Catholic chaplain who spoke to us off the record confirmed that many chaplains disobeyed this instruction and read the letter anyway. Others sought further instructions from their Archbishop. 

Now after much behind-the-scenes bureaucratic wrangling, a new version of the letter will be read, one that was edited of the language about “unjust laws.” 

A new statement issued this afternoon from Archbishop Broglio’s office acknowledged the interference this way:

Archbishop Broglio and the Archdiocese stand firm in the belief, based on legal precedent, that such a directive from the Army constituted a violation of his Constitutionally-protected right of free speech and the free exercise of religion, as well as those same rights of all military chaplains and their congregants. 

Following a discussion between Archbishop Broglio and the Secretary of the Army, The Honorable John McHugh, it was agreed that it was a mistake to stop the reading of the Archbishop’s letter.  Additionally, the line: “We cannot-we will not-comply with this unjust law” was removed by Archbishop Broglio at the suggestion of Secretary McHugh over the concern that it could potentially be misunderstood as a call to civil disobedience.

 It’s an issue that Catholic chaplains are taking very seriously in private. We obtained a confidential letter sent to the chaplains that  prepares priests to contact the Military Archdiocesan lawyer in case of more interference or any punishment. 

The Archdiocese believes that any attempt to keep a chaplain from freely teaching and preaching the Catholic faith, for which you were endorsed, is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.  If any of you are in any way punished or slated for punitive action, I ask that you kindly call our Archdiocesan Attorney, John L. Schlageter, Esq. at 202-719-3635 and he will immediately place you into contact with a Religious Freedom Law Firm that will be most willing to take your case free of charge.

The letter also tries to clarify to priests that the Archbishop’s letter “concerns a moral, not a political issue.” 

While it is true that soldiers do not have an unlimited right to free speech or political action, the military does not want to strain relations with the Catholic Church and its chaplains who provide services to many service members of all faiths. 


Read more:

Interfering with the practice of faith wasn’t good enough, but after rationalizing that the continued allowance of people to practice their religion without government oversight presented a clear and present danger of “…civil disobedience…” and “…sedition…” against his regime, Obama allowed an edited copy of the letter to go out.  This means that he changed what was said, and that he, therefore, changed the intent and tenor of this religious letter.  In effect, what Obama has done is to not only use the power of the State to interfere, but he has established his own State religion in the fact that he created a religious doctrine through the alteration of that letter, which espoused ideologies approved by the State, and, in turn, by Obama, himself.  In an article in the Washington Examiner (, the Army went on to admit that this was a mistake, and should never have taken place.

Army admits mistake blocking bishop HHS statement

February 7, 2012
According to a statement from Archbishop Broglio, Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, agreed that it was a mistake to stop the reading of the Archbishop’s letter protesting Obama’s contraception mandate decision.

After Broglio directed all chaplains read his statement from the pulpit last Sunday, the Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains directed that the letter should not be read.

The military Archdiocese said there was no objection to the letter from the other branches of military service.

Notice the timeline.  After the Army overstepped it’s bounds (thanks to civilian scumbag John M. McHugh, a RINO scumbag from leftist NY that’s never served his country a day in his life, and is a ROMAN CATHOLIC), just 4 days later, they issued their letter, stating how stupid an idea it was on the part of a stupid, self-serving civilian (McRINO).  However, Obama, as usual, remains stiff necked and defiant, to this day, not once making a statement to distance himself from this edited letter (and his State religion, which apparently worships Planet Allah, and believes “global warming” is a backlash from the nature god).  In fact, I don’t think he’s ever made a statement regarding this fiasco, in a chain of fiascos, in the Age of Obama.  Let us not forget that the political party that has decided to oust Jesus ( is in power, and Barack Obama is their leader, for the most part, holding the highest office in their organization, and the land, and let us not forget that Obama claims to be the Christian in Chief, complaining bitterly, when someone mentions the fact that his words, actions and beliefs are nothing close to those of a Christian.

Obama has violated the Constitution multiple times, on multiple occasions, and has literally expressed his hatred and contempt for that document, and it’s creators, for attempting to limit his political power over the lives of others.  He’s too concerned with theft (“…the redistribution of wealth…”) and being a robber baron.

This Ameria-hating robber baron has something against America’s heritage in Judeo-Christian beliefs, ethics and values, and has actually attempted to declare the era of Judeo-Christianity over in this country, by proclamation and personal fiat.

This is me throwing fuel on the fire that Obama should resign in disgrace from office, much like Nixon (though, unlike Nixon, he should be facing a laundry list of criminal charges).  He has assaulted, disparaged, and attempted to deny the existence of, the heritage of this nation.  He has tried his level best to disenfranchise people of faith (excluding muslims), because of their beliefs, which obviously run contrary to  his own.  He has evaded his responsibilities (sometimes even resulting in the deaths of others) for personal profit and gain, and he, through his political party, has shown not only his downright hatred, disdain and contempt for the Founding Fathers, but for Jesus Christ, Himself.

Barack Hussein Obama, has got to go, one way, or another.  If he will not pack up and leave, peacefully and of his own accord, he must be sent a termination notice by the People.  If this doesn’t happen, you can be damned sure he’s drafting one for America.

I am Virus-X, Republic Commando, and I approve this message.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on September 16, 2012.

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  2. Average Salary, a site that I can recommend that has a lot of stories from aggregated sources is Mostly, this is from other sources (such as FOX, CNN, AP, etc.), with little, or no, commentary., on the other hand, has slightly less, but can be pretty extensive on analysis and commentary. Finally, a site I gave up on because some of the writers are just too leftist, even though they have genuine Conservatives, is Allahpundit and Ed Morrisey aren’t very Conservative, at all, but others, like Jazz Shaw, Mary Ham, and the rest, are.

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