Virus-X, 2012


My campaign promise? Not to be Obama. I will not be a clueless, incompetent bureaucrat who has no clue about how the world works, outside of the Ivory Towers. There are a lot of problems the US is facing now, and some of them require complex fixes, some of them simple fixes.

The economy:


First order: STOP PRINTING MONEY. Not another dollar can be printed, for at least 4 years. I will order an immediate moritorium on the printing of bills and the creation of coins for my first term in office. Obama’s ill-advised, absolutely unintelligent, economically illiterate minting of more-and-more money on a daily basis is a graphic demonstration of how uninformed and incompetent he really is. History tells us what happened when Germany did that ( This isn’t a secret, so the “smartest man in the world” should’ve known about it. However, his mentality is just like all other johnny-come-lately-socialists: “I can always do it better”. No, you can’t, and the Porkulous Package, and your round-the-clock printing presses should’ve been a graphic demonstration of that to you, if you’d possessed the intellect to learn from mistakes. Second order: tax breaks. As opposed to illegally subsidizing businesses, we can make them stronger by taking less money from them. Yeah, you can call me the ‘big business president’ all you want, but without big business, where would the US and other countries be? Think about what you’d be doing without Xerox. Without Microsoft. Without Dell. Without General Motors. Just think about it. Sure, you can call it a tax break for the rich, but if you’re one of those class warfare types, think of the rich as being the “job creating class”. Habitually, when the rich business owners get money, what do they do with it? They re-invest it in their business, so it will get bigger. 


Because it makes them more money. When Ronald Reagan did it, they said that the totals in the Treasury would fall. It almost doubled. Reaganomics was a success (, in spite of what liberals will try to tell you. The US is self-sufficient. We don’t need cars, electronics or anything from Japan, the UK, nor anyone else. We’ve got to unshackle the business engine here and let them do what they do better than anyone else in the world. In the US, new technologies have to go through years more in the mill, than in Japan, where new technologies get to the people a lot quicker. The US has got to re-establish that time curve, with faster, more responsible testing, and a quicker turn-out.

Additionally, card check is a must. Anyone found knowingly hiring illegal aliens is looking at a year in prison at hard labor. Along with their unlawful employees. If you can’t prove you’re an American citizen or legal alien, the police MUST be called. Fail to do so, and you’re aiding and abetting, before the fact. A federal charge, for federal courts. Any federal prosecutor that goes soft on that will be looking for a new job, real quick. I will personally fire them.

Biggest: Cut spending. The VAST MAJORITY of federal programs are illegal andunconstitutional. Perhaps 90% of those programs ( can be done away with, altogether. Programs that some people have become inured to, like welfare and SSI, must go to the states, who have the Constitutional authority to run those programs, unlike Congress. I would have a meeting with all 50 governors, and tell them it’s time they took these program over, and urge them not to turn them into bigger state government bureacracies, but to turn them over to business and the private sector, who are supposed to run things like that. People should be given more choices. That, and paying into pools with a hundred million people would be a lot easier than the current national pools (like SSI) with over 300,000,000 in them. The net effect should be a savings possibly in the trillions. NEA? States’ responsibilities, if they want them. Not the job of the US government to fund artwork that is almost intentionally offensive to the people. Maybe the artists might have to consider getting loans from banks and sugar daddies, like George Soros. With trillions saved, America can start buying back debts from enemies like the Red Chinese, and become independent and a leader in world finance, once again. Furthermore, the USD can become the strongest, most desired currency in the world, again. That money can go to the DOD, DOJ, DHS, etc.


Energy security: No more dealing with murderous cut-throats for oil. No more punishing our own infrastructure for using oil. Within the year, all capped wells must be un-capped, up and operational. Domestic corporations that cut imports of oil will get tax breaks, based on their import slashing rate, up to 25%, if they make a 100% cut. Companies that responsibly and safely tap into new sources (such as in Colorado, Michigan and the North Pole) will be given tax breaks to “stimulate” them into hiring more domestic workers and getting those plants on line. Furthermore, more refineries will have to be built, and I will not permit Congress to block them, as they have in the past. If they don’t play ball with me and America, we certainly can’t play ball with them. The lack of refineries plays a significant role in soaring gas prices during certain seasons, as does the importing of foreign oil. Additional tax breaks will be provided for oil companies that withdraw from foreign soil to work domestically, and actually sell oil internationally, to foreign customers. The US cannot be held hostage to the oil republics, any longer, as we have been all this time.

Companies developing new technologies will also recieve tax breaks. You don’t pioneer new energy technologies by punishing the companies that are providing the old technologies, and everyone that still depends on them. The Department of Energy will vet companies, to insure they’re not trying to sell a bill of goods, and those companies that look promising will get tax breaks in order to help their scientific and engineering research efforts to make America even more energy independent, as we can be. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BUYING A DROP OF FOREIGNERS’ OIL.

Another player that has to come back: nuclear power. Nuclear power plants must go up in tectonically stable areas with weather that doesn’t endagner them (nuke plants in Tornado Alley probably isn’t a good idea). Areas that are less stable need high-efficiency, high-powered geothermal plants, as the Japanese are considering, with their high earthquake incidents.



We’re running short on manpower, and one of the ways to get troops where we need them is to shut down EUCOM. The European Command is no longer needed. Let the Europeans worry about Russian invasions, from now own. They say they’re big boys, now. Let them handle their own business. All forces should be immediately drawn down and divided between CENTCOM (Central Command, which handles the Middle East), NORTHCOM and AFRICOM (which handles Africa, a potential hotbed for terrorist troubles). 

Obama has killed programs like the F-22 Raptor and slashed FCS (Future Combat Systems). A CINC that does shows, conclusively, that the lives of American troops means NOTHING to him, and that he’s willing to see them die from lack of the most advanced equipment in the world. Under my administration, their funding will be increased, and the F-22 will return to completely replace older birds in the American inventory. If Obama was so worried about jobs, he should’t’ve killed one project, and slashed others. 

Border security has to be beefed up. Walls are going to have to go up, and the DHS and DOD are going to have to have armed guys to patrol that huge border and completely close it off. People firing on Border Patrol agents are going to have to be killed, even if they’re Mexican “authorities” ( ( This is also a call to arms for private enterprise to develop technologies to help get that border under absolute control. This is the USA; we’ve no excue for not being able to close off our borders, and to have our FBI and INS hunt down and incarserate illegal aliens and their domestic assistants. Crossing our border needs to be made afelony punishable by prison time, and it’s a sentence that needs to have teeth. No more paper-tiger justice department that’s harder on Amerian citizens, than foreigners.

American forces need not always be stationed on foreign soil. Places like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. can be more trouble than they’re worth for the trooops, so America needs to get into seabasing ( Having combined Army/Navy/USMC/Air Force assets overseas, on the high seas, in international waters in close proximity to hot spots means quick responses to trouble, and America doesn’t have to ask permission to be there, because they’re in international waters. This means massive ship-buiding projects, as the Army and Marines would need things like barracks ships, littoral combat ships, and full-blown hospital ships. In turn, this means we need more recruiting. The Navy would get more carriers to support the renewed mission with Air Force pilots, who would have to qualify to make carrier landings. 

Military schools would have to consolidate, to save money. As opposed to, for example, 3 different law enforcement schools (Army/USMC MPs, Air Force security and Naval MAs), the forces would consolidate those schools, consolidate the standards, and colsolidate the costs. America’s forces are combined arms, and should also train together as much as possible. When there is a single standard agreed upon, there’s no confusion, and recruits can go to any school and learn any thing. Military installations should be consolidated, as well, so we will have bases where all forces reside, and not have to have bases with one force, requiring building another for another branch, another for another branch, another for another branch.

The M4 has to be replaced. The forces want a light, small carbine, suitable for MOUT fighting, and with a bigger, more powerful round. American private enterprise needs to be brought to step up, and we need to start testing what they’ve got to help our troops continue to fight and win and kill the enemy. We need new guns, we need new armor, we need new vehicles, we need new computers, and with the slashing of government spending, we can do this, and keep our troops alive. The Barretta? Get rid of it. Nobody I know of in the forces likes it, and they miss the .45. We need something like that back in our troops’ hands, and, again, this is a job for private enterprise.

Also, the members of the Armed Forces need to be paid like everyone else. Theirs is a dangerous job, and with the slashing of governemnt spending on un-Constitutional programs, I think the minimum pay for an armed forces E-1 should be $50k. For WO-1/O-1, $75k. Special Ops forces should get paid like the contract companies pay them, and hazard pay should reflect the hazard. Also, for all they do, they also need a tax break for being in the forces, along with their ride to free colleges.

Medical care reform: More Reaganomics. Consult the big pharma companies. Currently, when patents run out, they can be automatically produced as generics, and there’s nothing big pharma can do about it. Also, drug R&D is EXPENSIVE, and not guaranteed to get good results. When they decide to cut drug costs, we’ll give them tax breaks to help alleviate that loss, altogether, and to keep the R&D coming. If they allow a percentage of domestic generic production of their drug, tax cuts, again, to make up for the loss. Net result: they make money, they do more research and make more life-saving drugs that keep America on top, and more jobs are created. 

Insurance companies: Now that they’re being charged less for drugs, they should be charging less for policies to individuals and employers. Additionally, no more restrictions against interstate commerce. Laws that run against what Congress is for ( prevent you from buying insurance from companies outside your state. Get rid of that, and you’re free to go with any insurer you want, and they get a much wider customer base, and more money for more jobs. They can cut down their 50-state bureaucracies, and save even more money, by hiring fewer super-executives. This savings would also go to hospitals. Also, companies that open high-risk candidate pools (pre-existing conditions, etc.) would potentially lose money, but by providing tax breaks, those can disappear, and the companies will not have to charge more, because they’re losing money. Again, another beneficiary of these benefits and savings would be hospitals. Also, if they choose to cut their premium costs, they can qualify for another tax break.

Hospitals: Now that they’re no longer being gouged for drug costs and insurance claims, they can charge patients less.

Net result: Insurance becomes far more affordable, which makes it far more available. Drug companies and hospitals also save money, which stimulates the economy, and creates more jobs, and keeps money circulating through the country. Companies that provide insurance can cover more for their employees, because they’re being charged less. Also, for providing insurance for their employees, they get a tax break. Companies with free benefits will probably have a lot of people beating down their doors to fill out applications. 

Additionally, employees that have to pay into medical benefits should get a tax break. Too many times, people have to pay high premiums, which shorts them, financially, in other important areas of bill-paying.

THAT‘s how you spread the wealth, Obama.



Israel? The problems with the Palestinians are hard, but we must remember: there is no Palestine ( Palestine was created illegally by the Roman Empire by stealing land from Israel, so these so-called Palestinians are, in fact, squatters on Israeli land. Israel is our only friend in the region, because Saudi Arabia certainly isn’t, and so we’ve got to help them, not kneecap them. Again, this is part of the job of the seabased forces. With a combined heavy Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps element just over the horizon, the probablilty of Arabs starting another 6 Days War to murder the Jews off the face of the Earth becomes more-and-more remote, and the think of bad Tom Clancy military fiction. We’ve got to establish ties with them, as strong as NATO, and NATO, itself, needs to go. Germany and France have proven they’re not friends to America (§ion=middleeast&col) ( ( (, and we need to give them the heave-ho. No more giving them money to keep our forces there, and no more working with them, militarily. We need to re-establish NATO with the nations that aren’t going to just suddenly decide they’re not going to help, when they’re needed. The US must make it’s commitment to helping Israel, and say it loud and proud. No ambiguity, nogivesies-backsies. In fact, the replacement for NATO should include Israel. 

The UN: America withdraws. They’re too corrupt, and they either pay us the money they owe us (, or move to France.The US DOES NOT OWE THE UN MONEY, because payments are voluntary. We OWEthem not one red cent. They do nothing but castigate the US and Israel, and they coddle dictators. They have done nothing good for the world, and give the dictators and the brutal a stage to spew their anti-American venom. 

No thanks. 

We don’t need your crap, anymore.

And now, I will take questions from the reporters.



~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on August 12, 2012.

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