Recently, the Socialist, leftist propagandist Michael Moore has thrown another entry into the film market, called “SiCKO”. As opposed to being an informative, even-handed critique of the American medical system’s obvious failings, it immediately distinguishes itself as a emotion-pandering, shameless, fact-lacking, propaganda movie, no more truthful than his already heavily and thoroughly-debunked “Fahrenheit 9/11”. Unlike Michael Moore and his fans and cohorts, I will actually make an attempt to fairly critique the latest idea that Moore’s spun for the American public.

“SiCKO” is a shameless plug and brochure for the destruction of America’s free-enterpreise based medical system, in favor of a government-regulated and controlled socialist program. One of the points Moore tries to drive home is the fact that the UN organization the World Health Organization rated the US 37 (out of 190 rated nations).

~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on July 1, 2007.

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