Nuclear explosions in Iran?! The MSM not reporting on it?

From the Jawa Report
January 11, 2007
Report: Nuclear Explosion in Iran (UPDATE: 3 explosions)

A major explosion is being reported in the Iranian desert. It said to be a nuclear explosion. In the general area of one of Iran’s nuclear testing sitees.

The alternative theory is that a UFO crashed. That is what one Iranian blogger is reporting, anyway. Anti-Mullah:

Reports emanating from Iran on Wednesday indicate a huge explosion – reportedly NUCLEAR – from the Kerman area at the edge of the Kavir Lut (major desert).

I waited to get confirmation of the event that was felt a 100 kilometers away but apart from on the ground phone reports, the local Islamic Iranian news media reported that an UFO had crashed and blown up to explain the incident.

The explosion took place at what would be the Islamic Regime’s testing ground for an atomic weapon.

Since even North Korea tested its nuke underground, I’m guessing that the even the Iranians aren’t stupid enough for an above ground test.

Which leaves the UFO theory. Kerman: Iran’s Roswell. Now excuse me while I go feed my pet sasquatch.

But GM seems to think that the explosion might have been a detonator test. My guess is that this is just rumor compounded by fear.

Lots of updates below the fold.

UPDATE: Our resident Iran expert, GM, clarifies two points. One, Anti-Mullah is an American. Two, SMCCDI (Daneshjoo to you oldtimers) reported this yesterday.

A huge mysterious explosion rocked Iran’s main south central region in the early morning of today.

The mysterious explosion is believed to have happened in the mountains located at about 100 KM of the city of Kerman.

So far no official explanation has been given despite the fact that the shake impact of the explosion was felt in a big part of the region.

But since the sources seem to be the same–mainly, phone calls and e-mails from friends and relatives in Iran, I’m still sticking with the UFO theory. Ledeen, at The Corner, thinks the Ethiopians are behind it.

And Good Lt. is quick to remind us that this is a seismically active area. So, an earthquake? An alternate theory could be that this is another Sunni attack. Many don’t realize that Iran has been having its own troubles from their Sunni minority. Any one know if this is a Sunni area?

UPDATE II: When I’m on to something, man, I’m really on to something! Ace brings us this update from al Reuters: 3 explosions in Iran:

Three strong explosions jolted southern Iran on Thursday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, but gave no information about possible casualties….

Khuzestan, the heartland of Iran’s oil industry, has been simmering with unrest among the province’s mostly Arab population for more than a year.

Which means this is an active area for Sunni Arab unrest. Which is deliciously ironic since Iran seems to be actually helping to fund Sunni insurgents in neighboring Iraq.*

I believe Ward Churchill calls this type of thing “chickens coming home to roost.”

UPDATE III: Yet another update from Ace that the Mullahs are about to execute some Arabs from the area. Which is more evidence of my Sunni theory. Payback: ’tis a bitch.

UPDATE IV: From GM, a Christian originally from Persia:

Dr. S.,

I’m under the impression that the explosion near Kerman (central Iran) was exceptionally powerful. The three explosions in the Arab area of Khuzistan (the south west corner of Iran) were relatively ordinary bombs. There is quite a distance between the two areas. In the past couple of years Khuzistan has been the scene of clashes between the Arab minority and the regime’s thugs including a few bombings.

Isn’t it interesting that the same AhmadiNezhad who cries rivers for Arab terrorists of Palestinian areas, subjects the Arab minority of Iran to torture and execution.

*Why would Iran fund Sunni insurgents? For the same reason they fund the Sunni group Hamas–common enemies.

VIRAL NOTE: Wouldn’t it be funny if the “incompetent” CIA was somehow behind this? CIA Paramilitary Operations (sometimes in conjunction with the US Army Special Forces) specialize in training what?


While many liberals don’t like to recognize the facts of war and politics, the philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is true and in full-force, always. What their normally simple brains don’t normally understand is the fact that this doesn’t mean a permanent friendship, or even long-term friendly working relationship. For instance, Usama bin-Laden was once America’s “friend”, in the battle against Soviet expansion into Afghanistan (even though, yes, later reports of bin-Laden show he was a battlefield coward). It is very possible a US effort could have trained &/or equipped ethnic minority Arabs that we considered a situational “friend” in our struggle against the ethnic majority Persians now in control of Iran, and it’s despotic religion of peace. But, hey, it’s just a thought. It’s also possible that these Arabs (IF that’s what really happened) could’ve made this attack on their own. It would identify them as possible allies to the US, and shows 2 things. 1: They have grit, and should be applauded. 2: Ahmadinejad is a hypocrite. He’s all for Arabs, as long as they’re murdering Israelis and Americans. Let them start trouble in his neck of the woods, though, and Iran can’t kill them fast enough.

However, there are there are other issues, such as the apparent slowing of progress in the Iranian nuclear program ( If the fears of the anonymous sources are justified, that could spell a lot of trouble for the world. If you want to look at Biblical texts, the flashpoint of the world is the Middle East, and guys like Ahmadinejad typify that; he’s so bad, even Iranians are calling for his ass to get the boot. IF there is, in fact, a secret nuclear program, and if, in fact, the Natanz site is a front to distract the imbeciles of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (we all know that stupidity and anti-Americanism is a pre-requisite of being hired by the UN; if you’re not a stupid anti-American bigot, you probably can’t get hired), this is a recipe for WW3. Israel has already made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that they WON’T HESITATE to bake the flakes ( Now don’t get me wrong; I’m FULLY on the side of the Israeli military, and believe their new prime minister (Ehud Olmert) would have to work hard, just to become as rough-and-tough as a milquetoast, but I don’t think even a jellyfish like him would ignore the Israeli military machine if it told him that their only chance for survival was to nuke Iran. Nuking Iran, while it would solve a lot of problems, would start a lot more. In quantum physics, it’s a chain reaction (and I’m not just talking about the detonation of the fission warheads). Iran rattles it’s sabers once too many, and waay too loud, and Tehran vaporizes. Good. We probably get to see Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (the REAL Iranian chief of state) become roommates in Hell and wonder what happened to their allah. We probably get to see a good portion of their military take a hit, too. However, then the chain reaction starts. EVERYBODY knows there’s no such thing as moderate muslims. There are radicals and there are jellyfish that acquiesce to their every action (maybe decrying it behind closed doors), and refuse to take up arms against those that have taken up arms and allegedly “hijacked” their religion of peace. EVERYBODY knows that if there’s ANYTHING islamofascists and islamojellyfish hate, it’s a JEW. If the JEWISH STATE baptizes the islamites in nuclear fire, that’s going to be the CLARION CALL for violent and psychotic islamofascists around the world to converge and attack. Attack the Jews everywhere they are, attack everyone around the world that aids and abets the Jews. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

And, naturally, the liberals will say “blame Bush”.

These stories potentially paint Iran and Islam in negative lights, when, in SOMEbodys’ reality, it’s our own president that should be seen as the villain of the world. I would foresee a terrorism spike in the US and UK, with the UK being especially troubled due to their losing battle against the rising tide of islamofascists in their own nations (such as France and England). I see France being DEVASTATED, and England becoming a battleground. States like Amsterdam being turned into graveyards. I see Israel being forced into another Six Day War as the surrounding Arab nations DOGPILE them in a frenzied, foaming-at-the-mouth attempt to finally complete the job Hitler botched: the Final Solution extermination of all adherents of the Jewish religion. I foresee the United States being beset by not only violent islamofascists we have on our own shores, but by unknown armies of Bush/Conservative/America-hating liberal cohorts that will take advantage of the chaos to side with them, thinking they’ll be able to once-and-for-all conquer the US and make it in their own image. Europe and the North Americas will be wall-to-wall fighting, and it will spread to Central and South America, and even into Asia and Africa. Sure, eventually it will come to a halt, but that’s going to be one Hell of a fight, and the outcome will spell nothing good for the world.


~ by Virus-X REPUBLIC COMMANDO on January 12, 2007.

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